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Deathadder and mousepad
do you own deathadder 2k13 or chroma and qck?
Deathadder and mousepad
if you ask why: qck: slower, less consistent glide. goliathus, faster but very smooth and consistent glide.
Deathadder and mousepad
Have both, to me Goliathus is way better than QCK.
Your gear
Mouse:Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mousepad: Razer Goliathus Speed Headphones: AKG 612 PRO Monitor: BenQ XL2410T
Uprank After 2 loses
If you know how ELO system works, ranking up after loss shouldn't suprise you at all. You will most likely uprank after win, but doing consistently good in games beside loosing at the end can uprank y...
worst mouse you have ever used
roccat savu, jesus christ what a crap.
Pains when playing for a longer time using your arm
I know it will not be satysfying answer, but part of becoming better player is finding style that works specifically for you. Grip that is both comfortable and allows you to aim good. It differentiate...
best drop ingame
m4a1-s nitro after deathmatch.
Siberia V2 is utter trash
pc350 is still gaming headset, gaming headsets are not meant to produce good sound quality. They are always about as good as possible positioning.
Siberia V2 is utter trash
Don't tell siberia's sound quality is good if you didn't try anything decent. I have used siberia for 2 years and loved positioning in cs, but holy crap that sound quality is bad.
cheap GPU
me2, 560ti is fine
CSGO Lag problems(lagspikes/small rubberbanding)
There is alot factors that define good internet, not only speed.
CSGO Lag problems(lagspikes/small rubberbanding)
get good internet
Increase sensitivity
Idk, thats up to you to find it. It sometimes requires alot of time and minimal adjusting in increments of 0.05. I went from 3.0 -> 2.0 -> 2.5 -> 2.25 -> 2.35 -> 2.6-7 -> 2.2 -> and finally into 2.15...
Increase sensitivity
look at #47