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I r8 ur IRL name
Dudley Morris
Your Superteam?
fallen niko olof cold shox/rain
FACEIT is trash
If you can't get to level 10 on your own then that's what the problem is. Your not good enough to be playing higher level games. Getting a level 10 isn't that hard. I solo que and I sit around 2500 ...
kennyS, ScreaM, Snax etc
A guardian flick Dosis the X god
Who wins WW3 (Hypothetical)
no one
amsterdam coffee shop help please
1e hulp and get some moonrocks, had some yesterday
pros HRTF?
man this shit made me chuckle so much i dunno
what should i watch, my list breaking bad (10) vikings (10) game of thrones (10) black sails (9) black mirror (9) dexter (8) lost (8) sons of anarchy (8) spartacus (7) weeds (6) westwo...
Device vid setting?
And you we calling skilled players?
Optic ?XD
How is optics fault about the route? They were matched up against a poor mousesports side, then against faze who they beat 2-0, faze are playing really well and they knocked VP out last seasons champs...
c9 still in it?
yeah but heroic beat sk and if c9 wins, c9 beat heroic heroic > sk sk > c9 c9 > heroic
Fallen settings?
pretty sure its 1024 stretched sens 2.4 zoom sens 1.2 cl_crosshairsize 4 cl_crosshairthickness 1 cl_crosshairgap -1 vid settings all low
is my gf cheating on me ?
this is true. if she got stuff to hide on her phone then she wouldnt have it about for you to pickup. you could pick it up infront of her see how she acts. maybe she just unhappy and feels she'...
is my gf cheating on me ?
honestly, best thing you can do, is say your sorry but you checked up on her cus of how she was. face it head on and dont go playing silly games. it'll just fuck with ur head if u leave it. she ma...
Danish CSGO
device cajunb konfig gla1ve magisk/kjyaebye/aizy