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aleksib zehn jamppi zoree sergej
R8 Awp flick ;))
you gotta be trolling
R8 Awp flick ;))
why did you waste time posting this? or why did i waste time watching it. its very very average. have you played on any notible teams or won anything of value? i mean its mm also. if your just gonna...
Fierce vs Phoenix
Hardlegion 2-0 ex vp Havu 2-0 Nord 2-0 G2 > Big Forze > VP Arcy > nemiga Movieriders > owned Phoenix 2-0 feirce maaaaaaan :(
Fierce vs Phoenix
Bet it don’t hurt as much as 3k from £5 ffs all they had to do was win overpass and I’d be 3k richer
Heretics vs LDLC
dont you just hate your combo getting murdered by this game
nAtOsApHiX oPtIoNs?
cph flames?
FURIA vs eUnited
£5 @ 10k odds 15 matches with 10 of them being the correct map score. When I got first 11 games right and this being the last of the correct scores with 3 games left. Vitality > HR, faze > fnatic an...
FURIA vs eUnited
do love having a 15 game combo for 50k, hitting the first 11 and having this one down as a 2-0 for furia with 3 eaiser games left. like seriously that throw from 6-2 up + what are these maps why are t...
HAVU vs Illuminar
killed my combo cus i thought it was inferno. FS its like betting on a horse but changing the about of miles their gonna run. bet should be void but nope.
Copenhagen Flames vs x6tence
what a way to lose my +26.5 O doggers
The Quest vs LiViD
Woooooow what a way to lose my 10 fold 1k combo bet. All come in expect this fucking crap pfffft. Hate these American games. This is 100% throw. only have to watch couple rounds to know it.
Bet365 changed my odds
i saw they odds were scewed, their system had heroric mistakenly down for winning the 1st map 16-9 and cus avangar also lost the pistol in the 2nd map they odds were like that. i thought about betting...
Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses
or maybe we blame c9 for being so awful
Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses
everytime i bet EG to 2-0 they bot it and throw a map. and when i bet 2-1 they smash it always costing me a nice combo fack