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[+18] favorite pornstar
Kayden Kross Eva Lovia Stoya Audrey Bitoni Nicole Aniston Madison Ivy Lacey Channing Natalia Starr Riley Steele One of these depending on a day, weather and erection quality.
18+ best GoT girl
thanks mate
18+ best GoT girl
Nathalie Emmanuel herself
18+ best GoT girl
1. Melisandre 2. Missandei 3. Margaery 4. Daenerys
Do we exist??
What if all of us are playing the game "Live a life after World War 2" somewhere in the future. And to disconnect you have to suicide. The new people that are being born are new players basically and ...
Leaving Russia
Yeah, but don't you need to have it to get a working visa? I know that the company you are planning to work for won't care.
Leaving Russia
Not really
Leaving Russia
Please, specify your education and profession. You can't emigrate by tourism. There are not many options for people like us: - Study in Europe and find work afterwards - If you are highly qualified in...
Leaving Russia
Don't agree, high education is mandatory for a working visa and the fact that our shitty corrupt universities are accredited at all is a big advantage.
Leaving Russia
It dropped like a rock few years ago, but it's growing.
Vladimir Putin
Hate jews as much as you want, but wishing happy birthday to an obvious cunt is too much.
saw GoT in one week
Russian billionaires own the CS:GO scene A heroin trading cocksucker
iPhone X
It's ok to prefer a different phone and OS. But it's ridiculous to say iPhones are inferior and have worse hardware, it's like one of the main things iPhone excels and keeps getting better at (I'm not...
iPhone X
"but better display" arguable, also iPhone 7 is brighter "better hardware( battery, cpu, 3gbram < 4gb, m10< snapdragon 821 etc.)" nice joke