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nose running a lot
you are approaching puberty, relax
1050 or 1050ti
I can sell Palit 1050 Ti for 100€
Got vs lotr
But they don’t show limp dicks in lotr
s1mple cs.go NEO 1.6
f0rest was more of a consistent mad fragger while NEO was someone to make some amazing play with godly movements that made him stand out from all the rest of the players.
The difficulty of not being from a westerner/rich country
- Source - experience
Ukraine to join EU
EU is the way to go, there are many countries that benefited heavily from EU membership. Our current president is far from perfect, but as long as he adopts reforms that EU is forcing, he is okay. He ...
Russia Ukraine
I've just realized I was arguing with degenerate some time ago. How does that soviet dick in your mouth feels?
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
If you look at the big picture, Russian Empire is shrinking for the last century with a lot of crisis. I don't see a reason it will not happen again, especially with oil becoming less relevant pretty ...
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
He is the key piece piece that holds everything together, he has FSB and all the government institutions under his belt that grant oligarchs protection and there is not a single person in Russia that ...
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
Oh yes, things will be different. Too much power in the hands of one person guarantees crisis when this person dies. And death is inevitable.
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
Canada/USA/France are all large countries, but I agree that generally smaller countries are easier to reform. However, you were the one to bring up this bullshit argument about country size, it's irre...
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
Every european/asian country got better with the help of USA, that's pretty much a rule. Some african or middle eastern shitholes obviously have a long road ahead of themselves in adopting a democracy...
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
Don't feed me this bullshit, large country is essentially a large amount of small countries. Again, Belarus is pretty small and russian ally, why is it shit? Are belarussians simply not as good as est...
Trump-Venezuela from a leftist
What you are saying is small countries != countries. Belarus is small too, but is a shithole. Long-term prospects for the Estonian economy remain among the most promising in Europe. In 2011, the real...