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country with worst history
He found it again, natives were already there and moved there from Asia when sea levels were much lower and there was a natural bridge between Asia and North America. He was an important man, but a ba...
Healthcare for all!
LUL n1 :D
why do people think usa isnt top1?
1. Indebted to China for trillions of $ still growing 2. Worst healthcare system out of developed countries by far 3. Worst crime rates of any developed country 4. Education system that produces ignor...
Niko 3rd and he shouldn't even be 3rd, both electronci and dupreeh did more this year.
carried them to lose vs bot9 LUL
Niko > dev1ce
device > NiKo not even fckin close
who is #3???
Niko ofc
“Danish bias”
+99999999999 dupreeh deserved higher placing than electronic and Magisk&glai1ve > NAF
Why HLTV is filled with Alt-Right people
+100000 It has also been proven right-wing voters have lower average IQ. Which is pretty obvious to me. All the dumbest people I know are right-wing conservaties.
Tap water
Depends on the source. In Slovenia it's mostly from mountain sources so the water is really clean and in most places it's same as bottled water so when you order coffee you'll always get tap water wit...
ynk hate
He actually made them better from the moment he joined
Still he puts up biggest numbers, it's a fail team change anyway IMO.
Still top3 when on form, but even like this he is mostly the top guy in G2.
taxation is theft
Scandinavia > USA ez
Your country's worst decision?
We had socialism with intention to go into full communism and it was very similar to what communism should be. Maybe your university doesn't teach you what they're supposed to about topics like that, ...