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NBA 2K17
Only one 2k after 2k15, hence the most of them, its safe to assume that most 2k games are better suited for consoles because thats where most of their costumers are.
NBA 2K17
PC versions of 2k are always worse on PC, most of them anyways
Jose Mourinho HYPE
Di Matteo won after Ancelotti and Vilas Boas left not Mourinho, in fact they had like 5-6 managers before Mourinho and it was a completely different squad. Avram Grant, Scolari, Hiddink, Ancelotti and...
Jose Mourinho HYPE
One bad start and he doesnt win lmao, he's won in every league, get out of here go clean a toilet or something. Also the PL is not the best, its the most competitive, it hasnt been the best since 2012...
Jose Mourinho HYPE
It's not though, and the notion that Mourinho plays boring football is stupid, he plays defensively only vs top teams or in derbies. His teams have always scored goals.
Jose Mourinho HYPE
Its only boring when you lose, Mourinho wins, winning is never boring
NBA Draft 2016
They will trade for Okafor with that pick, they dont need Murray
Lmao Ex6TenZ still has fanboys? What year is it?
He can't be worse than Ex6TenZ whos absolutely shit
Youre right, it's so sad, i won't be able to watch him be shit and hold his team back anymore
[ITALIC]<3 freakazoid[/ITALIC] expected
Still shouldve won, United played with kids, i'm older than these lads ffs
Giroud came in for Walcott and was the right decision, Walcott was the worst player on the pitch, Welbeck was subbed out in the end because he hasn't played in months and he isn't fit yet to play 90 m...
Tarik should join C9
He wanted to before they picked up Stewie but C9 couldn't buy him because CLG wanted a lot of money for him.