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Ecolais in other sports
being ecolai winning every single important clutch to win a trophy for your team choose one
rate my inv
get a sick knife like talon ruby
cause that is not skill, it`s just lucky timing
csgo players you cant hate
dosia? really? he behaves like a faggot and all the other people are trash. fat cunt thinks he is still mega professional, lul. For me he is the most hated player from CIS. P.s. The player you can`...
1) US BIG FANS ARE: 2) - SMART choose 1
yeah, thought about him aswell. insane skill
ENCE why Jampi?
can`t really compare with the work, since being CS:GO professional means you are doing the thing you LOVE. i can compare if my basketball team would play with me only when someone they took instead of...
ENCE why Jampi?
mitzu it says a lot about you as a person. i would razer step up as much as possible to prove that they were wrong by benching me. it`s win-win, if you play bad - who cares, you are not in main roste...
only newfags can say that shox is better than NEO if we count overall carrier. I`m not sure if NEO is GOAT, but definatelly way ahead of shox
NAVI YET AGAIN??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if someone says 100% than he should have sold his house and bet all on navi's win. if no - his words are worth nothing
lol, untill BIG win someone frop real top5 on lan, they are nothing. they always played good online, now syrson does well, but on lan he might drop a little, and onlinetares always bad at lan
LE with 1.7K hours
got lem with like 200 h ) but played a lot of 1.6 before so had only get used to recoil
M0nesy future ZyWoo?
BY YOURSELF is false - can you prove it`s false lol? he went through FPL-C by himself, without any invites. if you had ever played at least against those fpl-c tryharders you would know how hard and...
M0nesy future ZyWoo?
how can you be overhyped when you are only 15, you get to FPL by yourself and you are playing with like 1.3 KD against tier1 players? Plus he had great communication and he is not toxic, not selfish