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I wish they get League of Legends practice where Champion team picks 5 different champions and they make a skin for each player in team logo colors. Would be cool if 2-3 months after major we get Astr...
MIBR high IQ
What a logic... So if you say Liquid will never beat a T1 team, but MIBR will win agaist them in final it means Liquid wins Astralis... WHAAAAT?
7 drops on major
i got shitty Negev from same game with Get Right MVP ) than Cristophers signature looks like a shit :D
Totally agree. If we compare bo1 in cs and football, then bo1 is 15 minutes of playing football and penalty after that
Post ctrl+v
Ez 100% pickem?
it might be worthy if you change BIG with Mousesports :)
1060 vs 1050ti
his FPS is not always 400, it jumps from 300 to 400, but mine slightly reaches 300 sometimes
1060 vs 1050ti
Forgot to write about CPU, my bad. His is i5-7500 mine is i5-8600. About monitor - BENQ ZOWIE XL2411P
TOP 25: The Best CS:GO Players (2018)
I believe KennyS could be top1 if he got good team like Astralis with great communication and coach. But since he always plays with his french friends they will never be truly top1 team for a long pe...
TOP 25: The Best CS:GO Players (2018)
12. shox 15. get right no Electronic in list. WTF man, do you even watch CS in 2018?
how the fuck do I get better at CS:GO?
Wtf... I have like 200 hours in 4 years, i don`t play DM e.t.c at all, only MM. And LEM is not the problem. I`m sure that you don`t need watching demos e.t.c untill you are global at least... Matchmak...
NaVI always ez path to grandfinal
mouz are better than liquid, but navi won mouz so that`s logical that they won`t face each other before final
olofmeister idiot???
But he could even say - Sorry guys, i can`t say about the reason why i left e.t.c.
Guys who says that edward is bad just because of small amount of frags - you don`t know anything about CS ;) it`s not only about fragging and he is doing A LOT, so other guys can kill
btw, Brasil won 5 times, not 7