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Faze changes
-rain + krimz is ok, but replacing karrigan with angel - wtf??/
I guess your age
I guess your age
CS:GO Rank: - Global CS:GO Hours - about 600 Country: Latvia Do you have a girlfriend? How many have you had?: I don`t have. Had like 8-10 girlfriends Favourite CS:GO Team and Player: Russian Forces -...
Top 5 worst eu countries
oh, completely forgot about Ropz and Fejtz :D my bad.
Top 5 worst eu countries
what about Latvia - Estonia? :D
Top 20 by PEAK
maan, Peak can be even one tournament. And if you destroy anyoune in monstrous performance only one in a whole life - anyway thats your peak and it can be better than someone who was on peak for 5 yea...
ring of elysium
tried to play pubg, but after 2 games got so bored so never played it again. playing 3 days of roe still like it
MM elo system
Man, that system really sucks :D I got LEM and won like 8-9 games in a row. Still no supreme. Then i lost 3 games, won 1 and got supreme ) so it`s completely unpredictable
Your favourite female CS:GO player?
What`s the point of making juliano so great? :D She is cute but shes not cute THAT MUCH as hltv users say
I felt like - okay, it`s numb, faint, in the end... oh... breaking the habbit, crawling, easier to run, one step closer... FUUUCK :D
How is that even possible to figure top 3 out of 20-30 GREAT songs?
1.6 > Source
the problem is that 80% of people don`t wanna become pro or play in decent level. Here at hltv most of us looks for pro scene and plays competitive (even on mm level), but there are so many people who...
+18 which model
alexandra daddario <3
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
Trust me, Walle in his best form was much more dominant than KennyS anyday. The problem is CS wasn`t that popular back then so not many people saw those performances :)
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
Man, if we put markeloff in this list, there should be only 1.6 players cause nowadays snipers sucks compared to what was in 1.6 ) just because of game itself. at least Markeloff Walle Sunde dsn