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your countries biggest foreigner groups ?
cause ukraine was always bitch of russia/poland and turkey. no offence but u never were able to create own country. Same happens now where your country is full of corruption and oligars. Thats why ukr...
your countries biggest foreigner groups ?
bro u re speaking about country (kievian rus) existed 1000yrs ago. You have to know that ukraine is first time independent country since 30years.
your countrys achievements / innovations
We conquered Moscow as only nation in history for almost 3 years.
your nostalgy games?
Cossacks (3)
your countries biggest foreigner groups ?
holodomor was made of stalin with communistic party where most of dem was jews. Writing it as Moscvins it is pushing the responsibility to russians
your countries biggest foreigner groups ?
german minority hase one spot in our parlament
pashanoj > pasha imo
the best thing we re producing are our womans. compared to german helgas its like heaven and hell :D
Polish "culture"
so go back to your woodhouse
Poland stop crying
Your grandpa killed/robbed/raped in our country and now u have to take responsibility for it.
Poland stop crying
so if i steal your car it means that after few years its mine right?
Best countries by Size and Achievements
Poland is the only nation conquered Moscow for almost three years. Napoleon and Hitler failed hard
Top 10 team logos
illuminar logo looks really decent in my opinion
Top 10 team logos
AGO has shit logo
Kazakhstan or India
same shit