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mixBOT Pro League S2 with $3,000
When will China and South Korea start to play this game???
Was CSS popular interms of pro matches?
Sauce always was the black sheep of the CS franchise. It was cringe worthy in every aspect.
TSM vs Kinguin
Watch out for fox!! k...a....
LG hyped by pros?
They will be better than ever, for three reasons (and I'm being 100% realistic): - They have much, much, much more experice than they had when they played Katowice. - They replaced their weakest...
Rampage Killers vs NTC
zews from Yeah? If it's him, so fnx knows the guy
HellRaisers win APM S1 Finals
They made 20k to play a freaking shitty videogame and you're sad for them?
HellRaisers win APM S1 Finals
Who would believe that HR was going to beat whole Denmark (SK, dignitas and TSM) and then mouz, in a best of 7 series. Crazy shit.
kennyS Grill
Can't rate, since the photo doesn't show her body.
Renegades, Immunity to Cologne major
Even if Keyd was there, they woul still get a spot, since both them and Renegades would get one. Also, Keyd is from South America, how is that 'luck' to not play the Asian qualifier? That makes abs...
Renegades, Immunity to Cologne major
Aussies are so lucky that China and South Korea are not into CS:GO, like they were in 1.6... so they can get these easy spots.
HUE all over NA
Give money to the best Brazilian lineup and they will be a top team eventually, like mibr always was... KeyD is on this way. Until the end of the year they can stabilize as a top 10 team, if they keep...
Your drug of choice
Games and sports aren't substances.
Your drug of choice
Of course it is. You can buy it legally, you can drink it everywhere and almost everyone drinks it. Drinking it doesn't make you look as a bad person. At least here in Brazil, if you say that you u...
Your drug of choice
Alcohol. Cheap, legal, society-friendly.
What car should I buy??
LMAO You know that the Brazilian fiesta is TOTALLY different from the European/American fiesta right? Example: their fiesta owns a 198hp engine (!), if your fiesta is the best available in our ...