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(23+) rate girl
looks like a crazy bitch tbh
You guys would NOT Believe this happen to me!!
good for you, i hope you arent lying to yourself, good for you
You guys would NOT Believe this happen to me!!
went to the mall today to buy sunlotion, and there was this young nervous lady who apparently found me incredibly hot and I noticed, so I seduced and dominated her right there, and she asked me to go ...
Is AMA Illegal?
if its genuine and interesting topic it will probably stay, you wont even need to label it "AMA" we had hot topics flooded by pointless AMA's for a while
liquid = 0% NA
yes we are. hail and worship the illuminati your invisible master and ruler
all relationships starts with a chat and you have to chat with different people to ever find a special "one" you can absolutely do this without coming across as a player.
go to the mall and find bored horny babes
ZywOo best with Magnus Snipe Rifle
oh. your not the OP. srry bout that was gonna play with him, but played myself instead xD
ZywOo best with Magnus Snipe Rifle
spotted your mistake and pretend its a troll, brilliant move
Vitality vs FURIA
yep yep ahum, tell me more LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Vitality vs FURIA
Furia is the real deal bro, wake up
liquid = 0% NA
explains everything, for a moment i thought NA/USA was good at cs lol
Why men are better at CS
women are naturally right hemisphere operating, while males are left side operating, it makes perfect sense in every aspect of sexuality and life This role confusion and extreme feminism doesn't real...
Hail Satan?
thats retarded
What celebrity would you revive?
Jesus, but apparently he revived himself by his own