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Mibr = new nip?
+1 just familiar names that keep getting attention because they made such impact. but its better to be a new nip than a new fnatic, those guys were hated by many even during their prime. unprofessiona...
Leak NiP lineup
because nobody cares, who cares?
I would rank that match as the most psychological damaging game in history, nip was broken since then
TL or Astralis
in terms of likeability TL all the way. Theres something boring about astralis, not sure if its the playstyle or just the players having no charisma, probably both edit: they deserved to be on the to...
MIBR 0-12 Liquid
dude, Mibr former LG/SK will be remembered in CS history FOREVER exciting explosive CS, amazing style, insane players + player of the year just hanging around in the top means nothing if you dont mak...
IQ of brazilians on twitter?
I just watched VOD of Ali vs Frazier, its still the greatest fight I ever saw
+1 as salty as you can get without dropping names
Thorin "LOGIC"
well yeah, he is good at reciting stuff that has happened and most of the time I enjoy his presentations. But sometimes he gets personally offended or irritated by a topic or a thing he does not resp...
Is punk/punkpop and variations dead ?
what genre is NoFx? I listen to that sometimes
Cats > dogs
ive been told dogs taste better than cats
BR version of HLTV?
this is the brazilian version
[20+] R8 FREYA
she's 3/3
NaToSapHiX is overrated
never heard of
Ask a Swedish authority-worker anything
why is it on one hand the swedes says sweden is over and doomed, and the other half say there is no problem whatsoever at all? is it really so polarized or just on the internet?
Half-Life 3 Release date
CS2 will be in full VR, after the aftershocks of HL3 release settles down with all the new incredible game technologies