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pls kick botlof and drain bring zywoo and aleksi/nbk/karrigan
basketball is for freaks, I enjoy watching good games but my style is ball closer to the ground for genetical reasons
I enjoy this banter, no serious stuff, just dont get yourself banned so fast. so many ways to trigger people without breaking "rules" if one of your replies to me get you banned that would be bad. Im...
calm down, try to speak in a civilized manner, even if you are from russia
germany lost the final to us after they tried to drug our main star and we still won so?....
lithuania please...
Anime=Best thing that humanity invented ever?
true. anime is excessively hated by individuals only familiar with some of the few really really weird people who wants to publicly associate with it on a really weird level. just as with anything els...
so what, we are entitled, we also are the best nation ever in this sport
Why is Incest bad?
but preferably education happens naturally and there is no need for introduction
Why is Incest bad?
i meant " thin line" in english expression
Why is Incest bad?
also in majority of cases its for educational purposes, either by siblings, cousins or even parent childs. if its not consensual I agree its truly disgusting, its really a fine line
Why is Incest bad?
NOT FALSE, i bet he would upvote this post if he could
it worked, until the disappointment was revealed. theres always some betas who get lucky pretending, but thats how kids get born, and you
Winner of new york
im just excited for whatever happens, im already happy with this event before its started
suspense and tension = ATTRACTION just as with girls