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dellcore [counter-strike 1.6] 2002-2012†

I remember the first Counter Strike tournament of the history, called CS LEAGUE (Online, 1999-2000) where GeekBoys (Sweden) won vs TNB (future SoA, Denmark) 10:8 in siege.

You should use 0.01.
0.01 makes the player models update 100 times each second, which normally is the same as your FPS. When using 0.1, it only updates 10 times each second. It might look smooth at 0.1, but that's because the game "guesses" where the models are the rest of the time, witch would be 90%. So the models placement at a certain time is not accurate, when using 0.1, when playing in +10 fps.

"He doesn't cheat, he just gets super random, it's his style. He's is a cool guy."


I HATE WORD '' ofc ''

fx: gportal DM mousesports DM alternate DM ehosts Millenium DM BrutalCS DM #1 BrutalCS DM #2 BrutalCS DM #3 brutal cs pistol only

casle dm
g4u GH

Here is a few deathmatch server ips :)
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asian woman is best
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check mine
(18+) hot gif clips of semi naked girls/womens
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just got friendzoned lmao
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shit internet speed
is there faster internet than 1/1 gbps in your country? someone?
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