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dellcore [counter-strike 1.6] 2002-2012†

I remember the first Counter Strike tournament of the history, called CS LEAGUE (Online, 1999-2000) where GeekBoys (Sweden) won vs TNB (future SoA, Denmark) 10:8 in siege.

You should use 0.01.
0.01 makes the player models update 100 times each second, which normally is the same as your FPS. When using 0.1, it only updates 10 times each second. It might look smooth at 0.1, but that's because the game "guesses" where the models are the rest of the time, witch would be 90%. So the models placement at a certain time is not accurate, when using 0.1, when playing in +10 fps.

"He doesn't cheat, he just gets super random, it's his style. He's is a cool guy."


I HATE WORD '' ofc ''

fx: gportal DM mousesports DM alternate DM ehosts Millenium DM BrutalCS DM #1 BrutalCS DM #2 BrutalCS DM #3 brutal cs pistol only

casle dm
g4u GH

Here is a few deathmatch server ips :)
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m0E about cloud9
actually worth of watching , thanks eveerything said in one video , better than read 1000 threads about this
iOS 14 hype
ive got better things to do than trashtalking on internet whole day , i missread your topic name , then replied to your original topic and u are only insulting me here, you probably belong to young ap...
iOS 14 hype
no argumentss , nt edgy kiddo
iOS 14 hype
simply stupid, but anyway im not intereested about this thread everybody knows android>apple , apple is overhyped by young retards who are using maybe 5% of the phones potential - facebook instagram a...
iOS 14 hype
ive read it like iqos 14 hype , then the replies like wtf
Complexity vs Astralis
why u all hyped for astralis win, gla1ve will be probably trash , three months of break , he is not ready for t1 cs rn
im not an astralis fan , but with xyp9x it would be much different , did you see that 15th nip mappoint round? es3tag totally nervous under pressure shooting like mad and lost that clutch
G2 vs OG
awesome game so hyped up!!! gg g2
How much sugar
0 sugar , 0 milk
Chaos vs Liquid
not prepared vs liquid hard semi-final match -> lets make socially acceptable excuse about racism and BLM... pathetic
Why Chaos made the right decision
if they dont want to play today , just forfeit their match and put liquid as a winner this situation has nothing to do with cs match, im surpised esl allowed this behaviour a lot of ppl here are baiti...
fighting over masks haha
fight because of what? someone took off his mask?
r8 my burger
looks nice, but try different type of bun next time
that was insanely fast, i would like to see it in slow-mo
Do pros have no personality?
go play faceit if you want toxic drama... im still surprised how can some pros still raging so hard after playing professionally for so long