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Pretty sure this guy isnt even Danish because he is always making threads like this trying to make Danes and Astralis fans look bad, just dont bother with him.
IBP winner doesnt matter
Welcome to our world, ever since Astralis became dominant everyone and their grandma have been trying to make it seem like it’s never good enough no matter how many events they won. Haters will always...
Calling all Danish
Yeah pretty hard to explain written
Calling all Danish
Best way to explain is: care - bee To fully understand the pronunciation you need to hear it.
“Danish bias”
Agreed :) Thanks you too
“Danish bias”
Wise words, but hard to do honestly. Oh well rank 1 coming up soon so we can get on with a new year and new trolls once a again lol
“Danish bias”
So cancerous to open this site every single day to the same troll threads who spit the same useless garbage out every single day. So ruining. Its been a long ride to rank 1 so far holy crap.
device #2
Cant wait for rank 1 to be revealed, these threads are giving me serious ass cancer
T1 Events in Finland?
Would be great tbh
RIP Astralis
Theres always an excuse for why they arent the best and why your team lost right? Just own that your team didnt cut it and move on lol
Movies with unexpected endings?
The game Pretty old movie from 1997, but still awesome ending
If mibr fails in 2019 ?
Will probably keep shuffling players until they win something thats what they have done so far.
Zeus retire 2019? happy day of my life
Zeus is one of the greatest igl´s to ever come from the CIS region, he has done fantastic stuff for both navi 1.6 + csgo and gambit.
Is d0cc depressed?
Proberly is yeah oh well omw my way to get some coffee now
fnx badguy?
What a whimp he is