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Stop inviting Astralis
Go outside ma man, don´t vent your frustration in a thread because your team lost it makes you look like an idiot.
Glaive cheater
Flag checks the fuck out
dust removed wtf
God damn it got my dick stuck in a toaster again I must have swapped some of the steps :S
your full day of eating
Alright that makes sense.
your full day of eating
Is it really that much cheaper to order in the US? Here its just as expensive if not more to order out, so I would rather make my own food.
You want fries with your cousin
Keto diet
My breakfast consist of rye bread with cheese and that keeps me full for a long time. Lunch is usually mostly salad with a small bit of meat either chicken or salmon and that enough to keep me full un...
Keto diet
Definitely a banger of a breakfast.
Keto diet
Workout 3 times a week + heavy lifting at my workplace 5 days a week so I eat carbs all I want ^^
Keto diet
But yeah lots of chicken fish rice potatoes etc.
Keto diet
Depends what you eat, I ate food that made me full all day on only 1500 calories and that worked fine for me with no hunger after the first week.
Keto diet
I'm not gonna go into that since I have no experience, the only thing I've ever done diet wise is calorie deficit and that worked for me every time.
Keto diet
No clue, he just mentioned in one of his youtube videos that his dietitian put him on keto diet.
Keto diet
Martins Licis went on keto diet earlier this year, and he just got his first world strongest man title.
Danish Rap Music > Most of Europe
Yeah this song is not even good, but they used to be