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Poland is Weak
Who are these “muslim invaders” can you atleast be specific before being racist and a crybaby
English people have no honor
Most of the british people i have met -known- are nice.
Turkey New Airport
Well boys, your lovely khabib was there to open the airport too.
Khabib made a huge mistake
who called him terrorist? ure a demagogue, im done with u.
Khabib made a huge mistake
relax, nothings gona happen. they will try to crucify khabib a bit much longer than connor or john jones, then all will be forgotten and perhaps remach will happen. if connor have the balls to handle ...
Khabib made a huge mistake
its not about "U" at all.
Khabib made a huge mistake
who gives a fucking fuck about fanboys respect or opinions. all he cares is his family, belief and country. those clown trash talkers must learn thier lessons. connor is the next ronda, end of carrie...
R8 Turkish actress
Nope. Turkey isnt muslim too. Also theyare not arabs and there are no camels aroud. How ignorant you people are.
ropz's mom is beautiful
"You're making fun of a thing he got born with?" you are doing the exact same thing about countries. you may have born in that "shit hole" instead of the current "heaven". its not your place to judg...
s1mple cheating?
he is nothing but an exit fragger.
Please respect Kurdistan
U cant have a friend from “kurdistan” because there is no place called as “kurdistan”.
Best csgo map ever
De_tuscan will be best of all times like it used to be. Hope volvo can manage to convert it to csgo asap.
Gtr haters all around. He is one of the best get over with it.
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Europe tier list
U sure?