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well, nitr0 too? I thought he was a good guy =(
NiP vs Titan
wait, wtf, how if NiP win 2-0 , HR 4th, and if Nip win 2-1, HR and NiP going to Lan? O-O
VeryGames vs fnatic
yeah, realy, NiP and virtus pro are good examples :D hahaha
NiP vs
Okay, now CS GO is interesting.. VP and NiP making awful games
NiP vs Western Wolves
NiP still didn't lose a map @LAN?
Sex after marriage?
Yeah, sex after marriage is good.. after, before, don't mather the time, sex is good
ESC vs
I just prefer to watch matchs ike this than NiP crushing anyone :(
ESC vs
just continue .. troll him again rs
ESC vs
oh fucking gosh , where I am ? MOM? WHERE MY X-BURGUER?
ESC vs
I don't think so, ESC is improving a lot, NiP is just dominating and crushing any team.. but in future, VG and ESC can defeat NiP, they just need time , practice a lot to get the same level..
ESC vs
yeah , they are improving their game, they just need time, it's a new game new scene and new gameplay.. but I think that they will get a high level..
ESC vs
I'm seeing ESC getting stronger every day. Hope he can get NiP's level in 3/4 months.. cs go scene need top teams like this
Neto :D
it was a friendly game hahaha Like friends of ronaldo vs friends of zidane dunno.. but not real teams..
SK. delpan, face, robban
I would like to see face in fnatic, miss his shots :/ but I think that they will pickup ArcadioN , or another IGL, like threat maybe :))