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lol. I wasnt there for years... hiphop? dnb? 1.6? 17сrt and 9500gt at least :D oh lol times goes by :( 2010 ; 2015

I still try to do some skins/maps. Bets. csgo, korn, hm.

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Worth upgrading gpu
The best option now for price/processing is GTX 1660
ATK vs Sharks
Totally agree, my fault that I make believe in BR when I already have been lost a lot of throws in semifinals by those favela monkeys. They don't care if 1st place have x2 biggest price pool while y c...
Sharks vs Imperial
This should be investigated. From a form that was few days ago to this throw carnival. Its obviously 322 and Imperial should be punished. (much)
HELP to identify the song
HELP to identify the song
up. really hope someone know this song.
Complexity vs Rise Nation
oh got, that is retarded af. 1 stream for 2 games at the same time. legid.
From the vids. I don't like the lightnings (darker then should be) and over-details everywhere I understand is 2k81, however, to much small details that will distruct attention from flow and clear ang...
Complexity vs Rise Nation
ok, however I don't see any stream attached atleast on youtube ? :1(
Nu metal
This is masterpiece. Probably one of the best song ever.
Complexity vs Rise Nation
why is noone streaming this tier2k tournament?
Best 50cent song?
damn, I already thought that I would not see this in list. +
ofc, he starting this challenge everyday, and don't have a steam-group. And his predictions are always closed :))))
Giving away 2 shit skins
you are welcome.
is anyone streaming this favela show?
Most punchable faces in pro scene
Here we go: stiewy2k shroud device dupreeh kjerbay fallen taco fer magisk glav1e flamie simple kennys happy smhitzz (but unnecessary) tarik spiidi niko dowlpan flusha b1ad3 coldz...