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-noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -freq 120


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XL2430 image quality
You have to spend a lot of time lot of time setting up colors for this thing to look good. Today I would buy 240Hz model. I got 2430T when my only machine was MacBook Pro because of displayport and sa...
most elite special forces
SAS is British.
HLTV dying?
I agree, there is no more fun anymore, I just browse for news and matches dont even bother scrolling comments section.
TVs suffer from high latency, high input lag. You cant substitute gaming monitor for TV playing FPS/MOBA/fighters on high level.
s1mple is proud of ropz =)
Humble words from simple are so rare to hear.
HELP: Low fps on DM
Check nvidia control panel for DSR setting make sure its off all the times. Check if CS:GO use integrated or dedicated GPU.
When I watch LoL I only enjoy Koreans playing it like OGN. In CS There are often nice T2 T3 games to enjoy. I never said to myself that it was nice game and I enjoyed it when I lost in LoL. In CS you ...
Did 144hz only make your game more enjoyable, or did it actually make you play better?
It is much easier to AWP with higher refresh rate (assuming you have enough framerate to keep up with that)
144 hz worth it?
There is never overkill in smoothness and you can always downscale display ratio and resolution for easier focus.
Your salary & job ?????????
Learn languages - you can earn much more abroad if you are not too fixed to your family, friends.
i7 and low fps
Make sure anything related to DSR is off or disabled in Nvidia 3D settings.
3 orgs and players that you wish to see back in CS
Orgs capable of long term sponsorship for their squads: EG WMF mTw Players I wish to see at tier 1-2 scene: Delpan Colon manne (who remember trio manne, dennis, olof will never forget) http:/...
Pansy is disgusting
If you take into account only her look she is fine. The thing that drags her down is the way she interpret herself and behave like daddy from gay couple. She is man in woman body. Not sure if she want...
Sapphire Radeon R9 390 8GB
Got same GPU like you sent to RMA, would get 1070 if I have to choose now, better price/performance.