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LuL FaZe fans are so delusional.
Its like saying Nip 87-0 best team in history. Where is fnatic now? What happenned to the best team fnatic in 2016? SK is best in the most difficult cs era ever
I have been raised strictly where morality and norms played a central role If something is not yours, you never should take it, bcs it can hurt others (u didnt do anything to deserve it) Atheist btw
Devilwalk > NiKo s1mple GuardiaN
T4co has 2 + he has won many trophies
I don't remember that I have stolen anything in my life
good songs
good songs
gay 100%
Thorin post
Series to watch rn?
13$/month in Norway. Still not worth for that crap
Series to watch rn?
I know. Norwegian netflix=piece of trash I watched max 2 series on Netflix and couple of movies while the rest of the shit I watch I can get on any Russian movie site with better quality and sometimes...
Series to watch rn?
Bcs its shit. Poor base and u have to pay for 3 movies max. The only reason I have netflix is bcs my little sister use to watch pretty little liars and riverdale
Series to watch rn?
Pozyr': chronicles of shannara(not best, but ok) Legenda ob iskatele 1,2 (interesno) Merlin (och smeshnoi serialchik, legkiy) and ofc Netshit doesnt have these se...
Computer upgrade plz help
I remember long time ago I hat problems tu run gtx 970 with 550 watt. But I had a souncard and many others things connected so
Computer upgrade plz help
Its enough
Computer upgrade plz help
? Ofc even 450 W enough but what if he wants more in future