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dota 2 or league of legends?
never install that shit game called lol,i played 3 seasons and went to diamond elo. dota is far far superior (i have played both,know both game all chars + items)
LoL is better than CS
godamn you brought back so old memories :(
astralis ruined cs
vp,what a sad story. i was fan of neo and co. since 2005,untill they got pasha,when i saw this bot player with bot movement and bot crosshair placing from 1.6 i said fuck you noobs.
Is my female coworker into me?
Well said.check 102
Is my female coworker into me?
Women at work: The most important thing is trust,their worst nightmare is people figuring out,so,dont make moves,imo at all. If she sees your a kid ( you are 21,so you are to an extent) she wont give ...
Both wont care about you when its time You went too far,and everybody dislike you including usa,europe,and russia.
You cant imagine how much the world dislike you especially with the late politics, everyone just wait for your wrong step
I cant wait the day turkey gets 4 way gangbanged
Mad world
Problem is that people are fool enough to categorize themselvs as left,right,or w e . My opinion varies on different subjects and I dont call myself any of theese. Huge problem is the gay " commercia...
Gaddafi was inadvertently protecting Europe
Gaddafi was a true leader and this story was so sad...
New 1.6 World DCJ Record [274]
I had 254 lj block record,and on good days could 10 x 252 block. Jumping on 1.6 was insane and so few people know..
TI9 predictions
secret to finals with og
TI9 vs Berlin major
Ti ofcourse
lmao idiot, worse sense of humor than women lotto kid