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RIP Paris
ok ahmed
cheater or not?heavy tears and cry
cheater or not?heavy tears and cry
bump,watch demo,tell me if im a cheater pl0x
Donald J. Trump 2020
in fact talking with you is worse than talking with a braindead girl,you totally missed all the points and from now on ill just lmao on you hey bro,check me out : :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D
we need war
it would work if people like you died though.
yehh i quit on this guy too,chances are he is some AI bot paid to spread bullshit,no other explanation.
you are already exposed in my eyes in another thread,you are just a kid that hates and fails to realize the whole picture. you are also ultra sensitive,thats...hmmm,i need a label,yee,i found,thats s...
Donald J. Trump 2020
are you a fucking retard?you go all day hating on trump while almost every other president(including hilary as a candidate) were worse,people JUST try to explain the simple,you peanut brain. btw,talk...
your brain is not good for politics,i advice you to stop
Donald J. Trump 2020
you have too many fairy tales in your mind bro,i wont care much with you,the reason me and a lot of other people point obama and clinton is cause thats the harsh truth,it would be either him or her,an...
the last time you had a real president was the day JFK died
Donald J. Trump 2020
there is no prejudice ,we talk about a nation and their leader,and they didnt have nor have a better option. and what dow jones you idiot,all this "air" money fucked up whole systems and countries
Donald J. Trump 2020
a hard truth for you ; trump > hillary and obama combined
Second Brexit referendum?
in your shoes i would not mind, your country is strong enough to "rebuild" after the bad deal,its not like you dont have industry and income. And who on earth would expect a good deal with eu ? leavi...
CSGO Update time
chicken skins incoming heard it here first