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FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
Sad that even with a low player base there are people that play with cheats, but yeah. Quake best game to feel the drive.
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
even the wiki says it is premium or you dumb or you haven't played the actual game. You need coins for everything. If you waste coins on premium ammo, at the end of the game even if you win, you end ...
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
that premium ammo shit
2010 is coming..
more like dota2 introduced that term
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
WOT is a shit pay to play
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
Still a great game. Free to play, pay only for skins but still you can farm them. Crystals are very very cheap. My only problem is matchmaking, but I guess it is the same in every other game.
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
idk dude overall the game is still good. playing from season 1 BRING 375 BLINK BACK
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
what? their skins are cheap as hell
FREE Underrated GAMES! (online games)
How to fix LIFE 100%
- work on your image (buying nicer clothes, shoes and accessories) WHAT? Why do you need to flex? Many people made a great life for them just wearing a classic white shirt, some normal pants and co...
yeah. vac is valve's anti-cheat. It is very good. It bans many people. Just enjoy the stream. VAC is secure.
S1mple robbed
Thats what happens for playing like shit in RMR events just because you do not care. Deserved
fps stuck at 144
check your steam running properties for cs:go
Reading books
The Magus - John Fowles
thorin block
If I see some drama, Thorin is always around. That's why I feel like he gets attention and is on the scene only because of it. I tried to watch him, not my type of content creator. Thanks for the fee...