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Was banned for nothing
Man, you probably have more problems in your life than crying on a forum that you got banned for saying smth. And yes, I understand why you got banned. Just stay neutral to that. Gays and lifes of ot...
are u drinking energy drinks while playing CS:GO?
True. Se7en? :D
English breakfast at school
tell that to african kids
ex-IMT new team
I hope they will change the way they act, tho.
Ye, he said to disband EVERYONE including himself. As they are not playing as a NAVI Team should.
Man, calm down. He asked the org to cut the salaries for the WHOLE cs team. As he feels like he is getting a salary for nothing.
He said that the org should cut the salary for ALL the members of cs team. Or remove them. (ALL)
Life Question about Work
I do know that in France there is a good salary for my work. A family's friend with a shitty diploma now works as an electrician on one of NPP's. I'm only worried about the language barrier. Also, I'...
Life Question about Work
What do you mean?
Life Question about Work
Salaries are shit. Yes, they will be great if I invest in my career, and by invest I mean time invest. The starting salary is 24-35k rubles (350 - 520 euros) and it is bullshit to me. I do not want to...
Russia - gówno
Your problem is that you do not work for it. Every country has some up's and down's. If you want something - work for it. Want to leave Russia? Work for it. Want a better life? Work for it. In Russia...
You as a player
Rank: was LEM Strongest : At not playing CS:Go Weakest : none
im vegan ama ;/
Ye, I know.
im vegan ama ;/
I only said that it works for me. I had to find the best solution in terms of nutrition/money/time. I found it for myself.
im vegan ama ;/
I thought you meant like I'm already retarded and eggs saves me from going full retarded. :D