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2012 Volvo S60 worth it?
Earn things with your own work and dedication. Don't wait for them to fall on your feet.
Chernobyl is in Ukraine. Get your sh*t together and be more humble dipsh*t.
Juliano Cyberbullying
Did she actually insult anyone? Don't be such a cry baby.
So, you complain that Dirt 4 may be a little arcade-ish, and you plan to buy F1 2017. Makes total sense.
Just bought it. Handling feels a lot easier than Dirt Rally. LIttle worse graphics, better sounds and a new "competitive" mode (FIFA style). Overall, Im loving it.
Best solution for i7 3770 and good FPS
RX 580 / GTX 1060
Minimum Wage?
I don't even know what to answer that. Lmao.
Yes you can but consider to change it. That PSU ain't a big deal.
Football Tier List
T1: Germany Spain Italy T2: France Argentina Brazil Portugal England Croatia Belgium Netherlands
Space Soldiers vs Exotic Island
Regardless of what happened, a guy who behaves like that deserves to be dropped from the team.
Ropz Lucky
Luck? He worked hard for it. I wouldn't consider that luck.
i7 920 + R9 390
Nah, not really. Just a normal caucasian boy.
i7 920 + R9 390
You really don't need any OC to have decent fps. You should be able to get +250fps with that setup.
i7 920 + R9 390
Here an i7 870 @ 4.0ghz + R9 380 with rock solid ~300fps
Call of Duty WWII
Yeah, I remember that you had to run on to the top of the hill with a 5 bullet magazine and no weapon ... Call of Duty 1 was BY FAR the most exciting single-player game I ever played... Gosh, I...