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Cymru ar gyfer yr haf :)
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how to stop raging
reconnect with jah.
Liverpool FC Razer Abysus 2014/ 1.1a Blackwidow LG 24GM77 1920x1080, 1024x768 Bared 500 DPI 1.67 / 2
Wikipedia Needs You!!!
sure, gorge at the table of sterotypes and think that my anger towards jimmy wales' retarded hegemony of knowledge is characteristic of an entire cultural history. exactly the sort of behaviour I expe...
Wikipedia Needs You!!!
wikipedia can fuck straight off.
Acceptable HLTV memes
better ask eons.
ever consider moving on from 66tick?
"New" FFA plugin
Your rates might be fucked up. Check to see if your cmd/updaterate are at 128, if not set them to 127. Your interp will also be really wonky.
Favorite Knife?
1.5 knife.
Need Estimated FPS
your PC generates too much heat for it. sorry.
Need Estimated FPS
depends on the refresh rate of your monitor.
R8 Nerf thoughts
"CS:GO is becoming like fantasy game, not like a real game." I'll bear that in mind.
Suggestions for shit to do
Go to the beach man. O.o
Most useless thing you learned at school?
No, It's true, it was rudimentary but still there. Canadian high school curriculum had general science up until grade 10. From there, it branched off into the specific disciplines: chemistry, physics ...
Most useless thing you learned at school?
I'm still cross about my computer classes especially typing and word. Memorizing fucking hot key combinations for super and subscript and other garbage. Also, I didn't take anything away from atomi...
I have never seen someone having such a bad game
https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/10343046_10203326541736696_6898034823403314533_n.jpg?oh=35e2cb814b45d4ab35ba86d71f486778&oe=56AEC4EE my friend too. poor guy ;)