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Why are you still fat?
The only fat thing i got is my dick
Tips on Argentina?
Indeed an absolutely gorgeous place, with climate similar to that of northwestern Europe and surrounds that resemble the Swiss Alps, no wonder why several wwii german officers spent the last part of t...
Tips on Argentina?
Patagonia its a beautiful place too but be warned, the winds are crazy and non stop, so if you don't stand absolutely constant strong and cold winds then maybe you won't like the south so much, althou...
Tips on Argentina?
Its so much better and different that its a sin to call it bbq like they do in the US, just refer to it as asado because there is no bbq like an asado.
Tips on Argentina?
What do you like more sea or mountains? If you like mountains and want to see prob one of the most epic in the planet come to Mendoza (where i live) Its an arid place with no much green though, its a ...
be honest 18+
male 267 cm
Your oral hygiene routine?
whenever i remember to brush them, once a month probably or even less
What are your goals in life?
No goals at all for me, my brain doesn't work like that
weed abusers come
but do you know why you need to share on the internet though?
how many languages can you speak?
Spanish (native) English (fluent) Italian (fluent) And I know basic level of mandarin chinese, japanese and arabic
dog owners are annoying
Hahaha nice one, you should also tell them its an ugly breed just to see their stupid reaction
dog owners are annoying
Fuck dogs, such an unintelligent animal... almost as unintelligent as their owners
Incel epedemic
Playing games doesn't help, its just something I like to do for fun, but maybe the misconception here is that I need help at all, I'm just another human being but with a brain that functions a bit dif...
Incel epedemic
The correct term is Aspergers syndrome, I'm on the autism spectrum but its different from a low functioning autist or high functioning autist, you wouldn't even realise I have it unless i told you, bu...
Incel epedemic
You just learn to deal with those people, neurotypicals won't ever understand how my brain works and will think its not possible not to care about sex. Its different with a neurotypical brain though, ...