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100 percent
I'm happy that I'm not the only one who enjoyed both. Though I wouldn't claim that one is better than the other, they are pretty similar
If you like it, check out the last kingdom too, it's pretty good
Tier 1-3
Tiers are fucked, every team basically can beat every team.
dennis mouz/ NiP ?
it's strange that nobody is willing to buy out such a good player
Combine 2 players
dosia + Boombl4 = sexiest player ever
Tirqued fix
AZK basically carried torqued prior to steel joining the team
Wtf NiP? :/
well f0rest was the most stable of those 3 for a year or two, so I would give him a chance since I don't think he is as washed up as the other two
Wtf NiP? :/
I guess it will be an unpopular opinion but I thing that GeT_RiGhT is the one that they need to cut from the team, yes, he was a legendary player but nowadays he is just a shadow of his former self. A...
Hate Female Players
it's the age where so called "social justice warriors" take over the world with their perverted views and lack of intelligence, the world is surely going downwards.
Hate Female Players
I understand that but still it pisses me off, like there are some people ( female streamers included ) who don't do shit like this and just show who they are and it is much more fun watching it this w...
LVL 10 or GE?
just play for fun and not some flashy levels or ranks
top 5 bad things about ur country
same as in Estonia but 2x worse
Hate Female Players
the most annoying thing for me is their fake emotions during the stream ( when someone subscribes or compliments them )
Is it not too late to join team Jovik?