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we have a lot of skilled players but shitty attitude wont get us far
most pain you've ever been in?
I guess you are right but still it's kind of unusual to see them like this.
most pain you've ever been in?
I'm still cheering for SK gaming...
game of thrones exists, yes
Russia, give Königsberg (Kaliningrad) back to Germany!
Everyone please give us back territories that belong to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, we will be very grateful, thanks. Make GDL great again.
How to move and train movement properly
If enemy is unaware of your position any difference in height of your head level is quite significant because enemy needs to reposition his crosshair a little bit, also as emcix said your are more acc...
How to move and train movement properly
If you are peaking or you know that soon you will encounter an enemy, don't use w for movement ( if possible ofc ), only use A and D because it is much easier to compensate as for training, first of a...
Lgb announcement
maybe I am just a bit of a fanboy of devo and amanek but yeah, fair points
Lgb announcement
why not?
self-harm addiction
cut harder
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
I will be happy with either of the team winning, nice to see those 2 in the finals
Real reason why SK lost
But still after playing so good at the beginning of csgo, they look like shadows of themselves right now.
Real reason why SK lost
I hope SK won't turn into another NiP or VP
Name a more iconic duo
Markeloff and alcohol
100 percent