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Top 20 Players in 2019 so far
Imo Elige is still #1. electronic is "far" from the 4th spot. He only has one EVP at a big event so far this year. I would put him #8 at best. I don't get jkaem's ranking, he shouldn't be in top 20 at...
Why are you a fan?
I started watching CS in 2007 and instantly became a fan of f0rest because I loved the way he played. I became a fnatic fan at the same time, I just liked the roster. I loved following them through th...
When I saw that round I instantly thought about the amount of topics coming on hltv about white flags... TY G2 !!!
France come here
Barely used but ye, I hear it once in a while. Nothing offensive in this expression though ^^
France x Italy
Food: France. I mean, I get people would prefer italian food but french food is more diverse and more refined. Cars: Italy if we're talking about elite cars, France for common cars. Luxury brands: Fra...
The last three books you read
+1 The Naked Sun is my favourite "Robots" book so far. But I'm really enjoying the foundation series more.
The last three books you read
I was late on my SF read so... The Naked Sun, Asimov, Foundation, Asimov, Foundation and Empire, Asimov
Well, thanks ! would never have thought about checking there. It's a shame there is no news yet though...
Old lineups you miss?
fnatic - carn - dsn - f0rest - gux - get right mTw - ave - zonic - sunde - either whimp/mje or trace/minet ESC - pronax - kalle - moddii - tacky - barbarr lemondogs/h2k - fyrr7e - k...
NA being the second country ? The comparison would be the same if it was EU vs every other continents though. Not hatin', just sayin'.
The Witcher Netflix
"He saw her left shoulder, slightly higher than her right. Her nose, slightly too long. Her lips, a touch too narrow. Her chin, receding a little too much. Her brows a little too irregular. Her eyes.....
The Witcher Netflix
Yen actress fits the character from the books imo. From what I remember, she didn't look good until she became a mage, at which point she changed herself to look way younger than she is. She's not sup...
GOAT rapper
I don't really care about rappers' talent as long as the whole stuff is good. In other words, Wu Tang best (which obviously does not answer the question).
NBA season 19/20
LAC are gonna be so much better than LAL ! They start from a 48W team losing 4-2 to healthy Warriors and basically replace Gallinari and Shai by Kawhi and PG, that's scary...
NBA season 19/20
"Kawhi to Lakers pretty much confirmed, he liked what he heard from Magic "