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lebron vs mj
I agree with you on most of that. But anyway, MJ and LeBron both have been the best players during their era, so it's a tie there. I find MVP titles meaningful because they combine both individual and...
lebron vs mj
Eras seem pretty much similar in terms of competitiveness imo but that's subjective. MJ is a better defender and LeBron a better passer. MJ's got the average records while LeBron's got the total recor...
Rate my NBA all time dream team
Magic / Jordan / Bird / LeBron / KAJ is a nobrainer to me.
The link you posted also shows only 5% of the territory is actually in Europe though
Name 2 us states
yup, Montana and Utah then
Name 2 us states
Well, just a few seconds too late...
Name 2 us states
Oregon Washington
Ban corona topics
Imagine posting this a few weeks ago, stats would have been even better for your speech.
best heavy metal song
I usually check these kind of topics but I only end up getting mad at how people apparently don't know shit about metal in general. For exemple, let's see what people suggest as "heavy metal". There'...
best heavy metal song
judas priest is pretty much the definition of heavy metal, wtf are you talking about ?
Is LeBron the GOAT ?
I could link every "top players" list in the world, I guess 90%+ of them would put Shaq higher than Kobe, the other 10% being made by Kobe's fanclub. Anyway, Shaq won 3 finals mvp in a row with Kobe ...
Is LeBron the GOAT ?
Basically, my answer to you was that I agreed that Kobe > KD, yet it would prove your point even more to use a better player for the comparison. From this point, lulzilian disagreed about Kobe not bei...
Kawhi Leonard
Even before being traded to Toronto he was clear he wanted to play/live in LA so... And even then, he just got em a title, he deserves only love.
Is LeBron the GOAT ?
Let's not talk about about Russell and Wilt because they played in a totally different era, but you're surprised about Shaq ? It seemed obvious to me. And apparently I'm not the only one. https://ww...
Is LeBron the GOAT ?
Jordan, LeBron, KAJ, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell, Shaq, Duncan, Olajuwon.