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Na'Vi after major
After Major if this is true what Zeus told in interview, then s1mple leaves. It just does not make any sense for him to waste time in NaVi, unless NaVi CEO presents a very appealing plan to build arou...
Gambit vs Windigo
Iskrenne spasibo za comment, menia porvalo xDDD
SK vs Natus Vincere
dude, this is competitive sport, its normal; as a fan of NaVi, i can say they also had been in a slump last year, it was tough - wierd transfer decisions, heart-breaking defeats against junior regiona...
SK vs Natus Vincere
SK never should have won Inferno: 1v3 clutch by cold, couple of 1v2 clutches all going to SK favour and of course that wierd moment in the end of 1st overtime; NaVi was better on all 3 maps convensigl...
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
Harsh times are ahead of NaVi CSGO squad. I guess it will be extremely hard to make right decision for the management. 3 guys retain major slot and its still worth smth and they can not sacrifice the ...
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
GL s1mple! Best duo NaVi can get is Hobbit & moe. Although woxic is better awp than moe taking into account his potential, but zeus does not speak english so it's not an option...
Astralis vs Gambit
seized is back!
Natus Vincere vs Epsilon
Yeah, so +Hobbit +Angel and that will be the team with some good chances for Top5
Natus Vincere vs Epsilon
Its his playstyle, dude! He must take risks because for now he is converting those situations at an amazing rate; I guess the problem was more tactical: they never controlled the map and Epsilon most ...
Natus Vincere vs Epsilon
unbelievable fails: 1. lose last ct round vs pistols (it was a good round from the purse by Epsilon) 2. lose last t round because of time Zeus, dude, its time to retire
Natus Vincere vs Epsilon
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Young blood I guess... Look at mouz, north etc.
Natus Vincere vs GODSENT
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
when s1mple finally understands that 30 frags are for nothing if you overpick & lose one crucial round; Edward is so predictable... Zeus does not have enough firepower anymore; unfortunately this line...
very likely scenario!