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Why Vegan
PENTA vs edepol
nice to see veterans like faken playing again. remember this guy since like 2004
1.6 pro players > source pro players
u stupid or smthn? Guardian played both 1.6 and source at high level. and all of fnatic's players except of krimz are 1.6 pros
Coolest pro nicknames?
shahzam confirms
it's afro-american, not black
Price of such account?
not sure what u mean dude.. your steam have to be registered 10 years ago to have this badge.. my is from September 2003, so currently have 10 years badge, next month will changed to 11 years
Price of such account?
well, I have another one for myself, so I wanna sale this one if price offer will be good enough. You know some ppl will pay much $$ for a knife, why someone wouldn't buy such a sweet package too ;)
Price of such account?
it's just for swag u know. and well, you have 5 years coin in cs:go and currently "10 years of service" badge in steam, which will become 11 years in september
Price of such account?
hehe I guess 4 digits steamID currently costs smthn like ~150$ by itself.
n!faculty vs SK
SK vs amba
nvm, fixed
SK vs amba
http://www.hltv.org/match/2273872-nfaculty-findmuck-eswc-2013-sweden but findmuck's lineup is completely different from what you said?
1.6 update
5 September 2013 We have updated the public release of Half-Life. Changes in this update are: •Fixed mouse not working correctly in VGUI1 based UI's, mods and TFC make use of this
VP changes
dosia will not play without fox i guess.. and i doubt that taz+neo even better than fox+kucher, maybe just a little bit better
NiP vs ESC
will [BOLD]fm.TOXiC [/BOLD]play against [BOLD]CPLAY[/BOLD] for 3rd place?