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-60ºC at Russia
+10 in my city , very cold
NiP vs Area 51
do put port number after ip like ? u can watch on eswc dailymotion stream as well, its quite good and running without any lags on my 512kbps connection
CSGO de_aztec_proper_v5
f0rest Fragbite interview
oops, didnt saw that , thnx for pointing out.
cs go deathmatch
well, there are not any csgo servers in india available yet, and i get ~250 ping from Europe servers thats why i wanted to play DM with bots CS:GO Servers
I just played on classic competitive server from india and i got 250+ ping but still it was awesome, didnt even feel like 250+ ping until i made a shot with awp, with rifles and pistols gameplay was v...
Mouse not working in game cs:go
is this problem common is csgo or it's just happening with me?
Mouse not working in game cs:go
are u serious?? pls yar give a solution to this
IGC cs 1.6 prize pool updated
it would be good in a way that an indian team will get that load of money if top teams don't i think u know more about the event which hasn't even happened yet!!!!!
IGC cs 1.6 prize pool updated
link please......i didn't knew
IGC cs 1.6 prize pool updated
1 dollar = 50 INR approximately
Natus Vincere vs ESC Gaming
those headsets are used by helicopter pilots to reduce noise and rt nw both teams are using those to isolate crowd noise.i hope u got it now
INDIA - good or bad country?
hahahah you just made my day.....boy this caste system was followed in 70s and 80s and before that and not everybody is treated as equals.btw where did u got this pic from?
IEM redeye
you are a great caster,don't get bothered by trollers.
INDIA - good or bad country?
you can't judge world's 7th largest country by a single bad experience.and for that "survey" most of these problem occur in very few areas not in whole country.I bet those survey guys haven't consider...