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Zgrozen sam vremenom, sistemom, ljudima, nacinom razmisljanja... :D
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[BOLD]Just tell her that u like her and if she ever feel lonely to give you a call, after that ignore her.[/BOLD]
rate my grills
[BOLD]best one is the one who gives you.. :D[/BOLD]
"Post your picture Thread"
Trust me that night I was jumping (read dancing) Kukli style :p
"Post your picture Thread"
"Post your picture Thread" [BOLD]Fellaini :D[/BOLD]
Best anthem in the world?
haha +1 :D
Pasha & Byali donate a man playing his feet
[BOLD]I am so proud of the both of you.[/BOLD]
Your TOP3 favourite teams
1. 2. Hellraisers 3. NaVi [BOLD]love to see their winning moments, so emotional :)[/BOLD]
Top 10 Teams (#4)
[ITALIC]yea its probably like this:[/ITALIC] [BOLD]1.fnatic[/BOLD] - best csgo team ever [BOLD]2.ldlc[/BOLD] - have the highest chances to beat fnatic on bo3 [BOLD]3.vp[/BOLD] - even they hav...
Top 10 Teams (#4)
Bro I think HR/NaVi can beat Dignitas bo3 anytime, so not sure about them as 5th on the world :) also I still think that fnatic is best team out there, then ldc vp and nip atm.. 5th navi, 6th HR, 7th ...
Top 5 Fails of DHW 2014
there is 6mins long interview with pasha and every time pasha says [ITALIC]no homo[/ITALIC] that guy start to look around/on the floor :D
Top 5 Fails of DHW 2014
True story. During pasha's interview same guy was acting so strange that pasha asked him "[ITALIC]something smell bad from my mouth[/ITALIC]?" xdd
Top 5 Fails of DHW 2014
[BOLD]Guy who made an interview with Devilwalk about boost after LDLC game[/BOLD].. [ITALIC]I'm SPEECHLESS! I'm SPEECHLESS![/ITALIC] ...he's biggest fail for sure
Top 5 Fails of DHW 2014