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I heard this place haves a lot of OIL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pal%C3%A1cio_do_Planalto But you need to nuke first
BAD Countries with huge ego
If you're not attempting to troll, you're quite wrong, its pretty much what #147 said, that's why majority of our best IT workers are moving to Canada/USA/EU...
GTFO Fallen
So did aspx idiot
Why are you from?
said the guy with feeble resolve.
what languages can you speak? and where do you live?
We (PT/BR) all can understand french/italian/spanish mate if they speak slowly :P
what languages can you speak? and where do you live?
that google translate trap :D
I was referring to Brazil as he's Brazilian. We have lots of lefty dummies down here, and by lefty dummies and not saying the lefty are dummy people, just our new generation of lefties, like those w...
Not sure about Argentina, but in Brazil we see a lot of people abusing the system to get paid in order to do nothing, and when they lose this benefit the story begins: "Oh.. its not fair" and such
Got your point. if you born in a "poor" country like Brazil, you do have a chance, just like my mom had, you just have to try hard and kick your lazy side away. You must know that results doesn't c...
To understand the poor one must be poor atleast once. Sorry for the previous stereotypes comments, I can see that you don't have an ideia of this side. Yeah, we generally thought that noone is poor b...
Sorry but you basically asked for it, the thing is waaaaay too deeper than what you were trying to say. In a analogy you basically looked like "Maria do Rosario" defending a criminal under age who ha...
He's probably a lefty guy a.k.a Dilma/Lula fanboy, you shouldn't waste your time trying to argue with him. He probably thinks that what our country achievements over the last decade is a result of th...
NA (3) EU (1)
ROFL on this
what? Hahahahahahaah
Cloud9 vs Keyd Stars
rape inc ( •_•) Keyd |\ \___( •_•) Cloud9 / \ // \\