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cajunb & aizy vs XANTARES & Calyx
awp is on map soo why they cant use that its same like you live same life like others but they make 10mil a months when you earn 500 euro
African cs pro's?
xdd yea its funny maybe no denmark but france and german
African cs pro's?
manne top1 lul U are silver?
Ceh9 about LOOP
loop? who i s this guy?
Kinguin vs EnVyUs
Kinguin vs Vega Squadron
same like swedestan hehe
TaZ Mercedes
u are retarded or what? poor metality? soo how about you where u at? u are still here instead doing some invest etc haha anyway u are just jealous boy. you dont even know what gift means this car is h...
s1imple: JW look like pig
hahahah they just have fun sooooooooooo
PGL to host Major in Krakow
GJ 2020 all majors in poland POLAND GONNA CHANGE TO INTERNATION ESPORT COUNTRY and you still gonna call them toilet cleaners after they make economy in your country hahah
yoop and they fight for women dont let them to be raped by animals like in german or sweden those pussies dont even try to help women soo fck them
hhahha maybe they poor but we fight for our women dont let them be raped by animals like u u scare of group of imigrants who just beat some women soo you are not a man you are pussie
maybe they clean toilets but they make economy by that soo they are smart :) and u need go study to clean toilet and still dont make any of it
Pasha ...
jealous? XD
s1mple retire when?
pasha rekt apex
second language or third cause in poland they have german/russian in school soo stfu and you only speak english its same like your POLISH talk to me in polando warsaw school come on halo where is your...