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C9 eliminate NiP in LA
*2013 is over :P :D
C++ or Java
C, to learn the basics (variables, simple structures). If u have good basics, its much easier to learn OOP in java for example. But if you learned one, you can easily switch to another language :)
Dan M - Frozen
oh cool, another video :D "flick" your mouse to the wall, sooner or later he will find some bulls*it explanation :D please dan.. watch demos from 2k5, you can call potti or spawn a cheater!
Your sleep hours?
usually between 6-7 on weekdays, 8-9 on weekends :D
qck mass?
its much stressful to play competitively, live in insecurness :\ and what happens when its going to end? You cant apply for a job as "i was a professional gamer" :D I have a good job and occupation, ...
qck mass?
yeah, i have used the Goliathus Control, but if i remember correctly, qck was slow, goliathus speed was too fast and the control was in somewhere between the two for me, thats why i used it :)
qck mass?
thanks dude :) but atleast i can be proud of deadfox :) the rest didnt changed in the last 2-3 years since i stopped playing, so i didnt lose anything :D
qck mass?
btw, i just checked the price and the qck heavy is 10k huf:O i bought mine back in 2009? and it was 6k or 7k huf :D
qck mass?
if the size is enough for you, then definietly a good choice since the price is twice as much for the qck heavy. It has the same thickness as the qck heavy. So if you dont need larger pad, go for it :...
Video: device - MVP of ECS S2 Finals
yeah, it did sound pretty weird :D but thats the only explanation I can think of :)
Video: device - MVP of ECS S2 Finals
because in the stream, they might not show device's play. If you have watched the live stream, the in-game sounds were pretty loud :\
Video: device - MVP of ECS S2 Finals
dont think so, maybe because of the stream sound cut.
Video: aizy vs. astralis
it was a crazy round :) saw it live :P gj aizy
Pixel vs LDLC Espoir
thats pretty good :) 19000 huf is ~62eur atm. for the 7 days process. but if you dont want to pay you have to wait a month or two to get it :D its really slooow in our country :D
Pixel vs LDLC Espoir
im sure, they tried everything. Sometimes its just dosent enough :D