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G2 vs Natus Vincere
every time Navi picks overpass against french teams and every time they lose, so retarded
Heroic vs Sprout
sprout has been glawked xD
Heroic vs Sprout
In case of a tie, the following rules will be applied, in the order they’re presented in: 1. Mini league points 2. Mini league round difference 3. Overall round difference 4. Mini league rounds won 5....
Heroic vs Sprout
Probably you are right. Heroic defeated NIP, but lost to Vitality. I guess if all of them tight with 6 points, winners is going to be decided by round difference
Heroic vs Sprout
It is a battle for the 3rd place, isn't it?
AWP imbalance.
that's because there is one awp per 5 players. So it's like there are at least 5 snipers in top20 and they take first five positions
How to stop procrastinating
Start working. Appetite comes with eating
The bad thing is that the science is not a good thing in capitalism, because people tend to get immediate profit while science usually is a longterm thing which is still very useful
Gambit Youngsters vs Sprout
sh1ro can steal the show here. Will see...
Hunden is the 3rd worst player of the tournament. Although Tricked won many games
MIBR vs Tricked
Can the players see what's shown on the scene display by a mirror from their own displays? Also some players could look behind and get info...
ENCE vs forZe
Angel from Ukraine also had 0 deaths few years ago
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
Electronik has 2.31 ranting 2.0 on inferno. Is it a record of majors? Have anyone else had such rating?
NiP vs North
Even if you had been playing very well, you would be forgotten. Nevertheless if you play more, you earn more money
Natus Vincere vs G2
Flamie is always a beast at majors