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Smoke Criminals vs PAPERPLANES
PACT vs Vex
they have some decent results on that map, like beating tengri 16-6 https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/room/8b2da67d-8c9d-4ab1-87e5-223520567c5a
Epsilon vs Winstrike
when did epsilon become this garbage, rofl its not even about the standin being a bot
BIG vs Não Tem Como
shit odds for them
EnVyUs vs VG.Flash
losing to sixer, time to disband nonetheless its a bit funny that envy is better with xms and sixer than with happy and rpk
BIG vs Não Tem Como
I didnt watch NTC's game yesterday, but if they have no strats at all why is bit there?
EnVyUs vs VG.Flash
VG could hold their own decently at starseries, i would say they should be able to beat envy but after seeing what nip did to them...
Winstrike vs Sprout
if we are following CSGOs logic, sprout should win here i guess
Spirit vs Wind and Rain
well they did lose cache to PD, so here's that
iGame.com vs EURONICS
bro, igame is just a bunch of washed up old shit players, what do you expect from them really
Winstrike vs Sprout
did sprout bet over or why are they trying now?xD
Winstrike vs Sprout
so it turns out that betting on shit overdogs in a tournament with 7000$ 1st place prize is not a good idea
Winstrike vs Sprout
sprout be like, why the hell did we pick this map, we are not even good on it:D:D
Gambit vs PACT
every mdl match involving gambit, vp, godsent are kind of a 50-50, so yeah
NOBO vs Virtus.pro
wdy mean by maxbet? because if you all-in and lose, you won't really get another chance to make your money back serious gamblers won't all-in tho