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Vitality vs Heroic
it was 5-1 or 6-1 for vitality when i made that bet, got 1.7 odds or something
Vitality vs Heroic
when you lose +10.5 on heroic 1st map and +5.5 on vitality on mirage xD
Heretics vs Lyngby Vikings
i guess it's hard being consistent with washed up t2-t3 pros like kio and xms
Syman vs sAw
syman barely beating hr, losing to crazy and getting rekt by nemiga. on the other hand saw even beat heretics who wins? of course syman
pact, one of the teams who either looks like a good team or they play like novas. although thats true for almost every team nowadays xD
is anyone live betting pact after dust2?
HONORIS vs Apeks
you definitely have to be some kind of a special team to be underdog against apeks
fnatic vs mousesports
knew i lost my over bet as soon as the retards choked inf from 14-9. oh well, at least karribot lost again
FATE vs Movistar Riders
at least movi has capable players. yeah they are pretty shit lately but they used to beat teams like fnatic, godsent, mouz. i know "used to" is not a great argument but at least they have the potentia...
FATE vs Movistar Riders
close bo3 with pact, barely beat HR and illu, yeah they rekt everyone
FATE vs Movistar Riders
i didn't even understand the fate hype. like they beat dig in a close bo3 and now they are the hot shit?
fnatic vs mousesports
have fun with faze
FATE vs Movistar Riders
of course this noob playing the game of his life
fnatic vs mousesports
buuut fnatic is also dogshit, so does it really matter
Syman vs HellRaisers