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NiP vs VeryGames
Were you even playing CS before 1.6? Stupidest fckn thing I've ever read
Malkin strong, Sweden wrong.
GG Russia, well played Yemelin is a f****** ice queen. He is the only reason why I get angry about this loss. FUCK that really must have been embarrasing for the whole russian people.
Lemondogs vs
They haven't really proved anything yet. Hopefully they can do the same thing on big events.
Sweden vs Russia
Duttdutt is like Finland in the old days, unbeatable online.
Sweden vs Russia
Sorry for late reply. But if you've been around the scene for a while, you know who performs good online and those who do not. Walk in the park
Sweden vs Russia
Haha this is one of the most dangerous teams ever to play online. Sweden will destroy Russia
Why f0rest is so popular
What facts? :S
Why f0rest is so popular
So please, give me a good reason why Neo is the best player in the world. MVP's do not count obviously.
Why f0rest is so popular
Poland strong
Why f0rest is so popular
I'm once again sorry to break your reality. But statistics tell that GTR is the best player in the world. The Top20 is not a list of the best players in the world in order.
Why f0rest is so popular
Sorry to break your reality but he is. He is the best player in the world and has been for at least 2 years. :/
Why f0rest is so popular
There is a mystery surrounding players like f0rest and Neo. Not the loudest players, not the most interviewed, not the most stable. They both have tournaments sometimes that are un-human. They are bot...
ESC Gaming vs KerchNET
Why go 30 rounds in this match? :o
esc vs knet
SK awp????
Exactly what I think!