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dota2 or lol
Stop creating such topics. As you see all the time it makes people discuss about this bullshit over and over again. I'm just glad that lol players discuss less than dota because they had enough about ...
dota2 or HoN
That shows only how dota players keep up this pointless discussion about dota or lol. You can keep thinking that dota is way better than lol who cares. We had enough from that bullshit.
It's lagging my dear friend!
Anexis vs
It's not the lognest but it's good anyway :)
Anexis vs
ESWC Qualifiers ALGERIA 2012 (highlights)
0:37 Give me demo on that match wanna see what tactic was that :)
DotA2 Beta Key Giveaway
Give it to me!
Dexter - Season 7 Trailer
Did I just see that Dexter killed Masuka ? It's seriously gonna be the best part of the whole TV serial ;)
Why hate GO?
Someone counting what topic is this about cs:go ? :O
CS:GO worst game ever released?
Why the fuck you arguing with each other? It doesn't matter what do you want in cs:go because valve won't even listen you . You are like empty place for them. IMO THE GAME DEPENDS ONLY OF US IF W...
run f0rest ruuuuuuuuuun
haha nice :D Did dog catch you ?
Naruto fans?
I prefer watching anime not reading manga :/
My Best Cs Production
Give me demo please,wanna see it
+20hp after killing one enemy, i think this could make cs match better watching
What about The HE granate ? Did they fix it or it kill you with oneshot?
whts your internet speed survey
That's how Latvia roll