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I haven't logged on for a long time, this time I just can't even. I bet this is a troll, but bro football is one of the most exciting sports ever. It's called football cause it's a foot long ball.. Yo...
Wireless mousepad
You have got to be kidding me bro haha. It has been 4 years since that post.
fnatic vs mousesports
I have to know. What's your problem?
fnatic vs mousesports
Is it only me or does the demo ain't working? I have to watch this again.
khrystals lol
I remmember kHRYSTAL playing in 1.6 pro scene, was a sick awp. krystal was some german guy probably from css.
Your injury
I tore the longest muscle in the human body (leg). It connects to our pelvis bones. It tore off on half taking fragments of the bone off as well. The pain was out of this world. I wouldn't want my big...
Average NiP fanboy
The dad just wants his kid to be happy. I don't understand why you guys are laughing at the kid. You can see he is happy and I bet his dad is happy to seeing his child smile and they don't give two sh...
Do this for csgo haha
Ak-47 Cartel = Stock Rifle ?
Haha, a lot of you guys kept crying how you didn't want the skin to look crazy and JUST have the stattrack shit on. Here it is, what's the problem now? :D:D:DD
got a new car!
:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Living that virtual life.. Get out in the open and get a smell of fresh air. You look so stupid fakeing yourself out here :D:D:D:D
Speculations about the Last Call Qualifier, mouz not invited
50 of the same threads like yours and i'm a fag who has to shut up? :DDD