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I care for the kid, but what he did was certainly wrong. Bad to see he's not gonna turn into the new n0thing after all. GG career, but on Valve's watch #YouOnlyCheatOnce.
Casting! Reviewing my demos!
Get racist somewhere else, bro. This is not WWII
Get out of the chair and do somthing with your life
Best First Comment Award Winter 2013.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Thank you ESLTV!:)
Awesome casting and production. Multiple cameras, casters, interviews, match overviews with demos and all, awesome frag video intermissions and the tournament is getting a lot of exciting matches. ...
Giveaway Five-SeveN | Jungle
I want that Five Seven Jungle
+1 Top players should be encouraged to record and submit their POV demos, for their exposure and our enjoyment =D community - Need your help!!
GO GO GO! I hope this helps you =D GL HF
NiP vs fnatic
flusha best
this new for you also?
who is this lazy fucker anyway??
Serbia vs Lithuania
I'm 1/8th lithuanian, so GOGOGOGO LITHUANIA!!!
Caught smoking weed...
I was the one to propose not buying nor holding so they'd stop rambling about how I could get in trouble... Well in my country we import and produce a fair amount of weed, and it's fairly accepted in ...
Caught smoking weed...
Yeah, they threatened with it but I'm pretty sure that's going nowhere... No reason at all for it... Hope they chill the fuck back to normal folks and get a real perspective...
Caught smoking weed...
Pretty much right about everything... I'm getting my major in engineering, I was hoping to move out as soon as I graduated, but maybe it's time already...
Lemondogs vs Natus Vincere