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wazap man? daily explanation of any girl actions - tupaya pizda, that's fine.
she is no more in navi and she is one of the most stupid women i've ever talked to, her name is Polina "Tupaya Pizda" Logunova.
Muslims = saiyans ?
Muslims are dangerous cuz of fanaticism, catolic don't explode themselves cuz Mr.Allah said so.
top 9 favorite games
1. CS 1.6 2. DotA 3. Assassin's creed series 4. FIFA series.
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
Go fnatic, rape them
Natus Vincere where are the news!
it was dohtem
Natus Vincere where are the news!
disbanded as i heard from ZeroGravity on the International
Played a CSS tournament yesterday
CSS sucks, GO sucks, 1.6 rocks
Dota2 - The International Championships
I hope Alliance will take it this year
Dota2 - The International Championships
amazing match yesterday, looking forward for more. Na`Vi gonna play today :)
markeloff vs GuardiaN CS:GO
the point is that players who couldn't find a success in popular 1.6, started to play "sauce"
markeloff vs GuardiaN CS:GO
are u angry saucer?
markeloff vs GuardiaN CS:GO
1.6 legend vs meat saucer
Best country?
I've been to Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Poland. Next year im gonna visit England, France and Spain. All countries has their their best and their worst. There's no best coun...
Best country?
who said that? SVENSKA VIKING? U have great beard. I have the same one on my dick H@@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@H@@@H@H@HUA HUA HUA A3AA3A3A3A3A3A3A3A3A3A3A AXAXAXAXAXAXA