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Guardian 1.3/400dpi dangerous?
Can you tell me why and how I am wrong and give me a few sources?
Guardian 1.3/400dpi dangerous?
I was using like 4/11 2.0 400 dpi while playing with 800x600 4:3 stretched res (if I recall correctly) and I NEVER had wrist problems, you just need to use your arm. same with csgo, I use 1.2, 40...
Guardian 1.3/400dpi dangerous?
I believe that's only the case for sensors that already have positive or negative acceleration, but I'm not sure. I used 4/11 untill I finally switched to 6/11.
Devcat vs DeToNator
shoushi ez
You're trolling right? You don't seriously expect people to understand your reasoning without you explaining it to begin with?
Can you elaborate as to why you believe that?
An Afghan from swedistan
:) Yeah I rape people everyday for a living xaxaxaxa ))
An Afghan from swedistan
Theres more aswell, look up the middle east in the 50s 60s and 70s, especially lebanon and egypt.
An Afghan from swedistan
Yeah we have too many fundamentalists like him here, but it's too late to reverse that already unfortunately.
An Afghan from swedistan
Ja uppenbarligen, men man borde inte komma till ett nytt land, bo där i 10 år, och sen klaga efter att man har kommit bort ifrån allt krig och skit. Det låter extremt otacksamt av honom och jag tr...
An Afghan from swedistan
The afghani, I hope you're not seriously saying that it's OK for him to talk so much shit just because he's from a certain country, especially after he's had the opportunity to move to a peaceful coun...