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I don't understand why mouz doesn't just play him, let chrisJ igl and cut karrigan. I don't understand why they even want karrigan he can't fucking frag at all, they are never going to be top 3 with ...
BENQ 144hz discount
200 is the normal price lol, its been 200 dollars pretty much since it came out.
Danes why is the most successful thing in your country an esports team?
LOL you clearly should stay in school then kid. Nothing is 'free". You clowns pay a 55-66% income tax rate in your country. The money doesn't just create itself.
Danes why is the most successful thing in your country an esports team?
LOL salty danish moron. Imagine being such a pathetic country that your president comments on Esports matches because it's the only thing you are even remotely good at. That's what you guys have goi...
Chernobyl (2019)
To each their own. I really like the color correction used here. It definitely seems intentional. Instantly reminded me of Shutter Island where I thought it played into the overall creepiness and u...
Chernobyl (2019)
Why? Just because Chernobyl happened in the 80s doesn't mean the show needs to look like it was filmed in the 80s. I think they did a pretty good job capturing the rawness of the Soviet Union. Color...
Chernobyl (2019)
TV Series by HBO. It will probably be really good, HBO is top notch.
If you are really believe you are going to be thinking about this all weekend, get in front of it and flip it on her. Meet up with her tomorrow at the bus and just simply say I wanted to wish you a g...
If you want real advice you need to give her space and move on for a little. Talk to other girls even if you have no intention of hooking up with them. Make new friends. Go to the gym. It's hard...
End of consoles
There's nothing to "buy" outright, you will pay a subscription fee for access to their server farm (hardware) and be able to purchase games. The idea is to have a console type system without having t...
EDPI is all preference, you aren't helping anyone you potato. How can you be this dumb? LOL
Chinese come here
I am thankful everyday that I was not born in that shithole of a fucking country with a black bowl cut and have to suffer walking around with a permanent 3 inch babydick and can actually have control ...
BO3 Grand-Final?
MLB currently
Best rpg you ever played
If you like Skyrim you should really play Endereal, it's impressive. It's free on steam if you own Skyrim (not SE)
USA Florida come here
Key West is nice. I would check out South Beach beaches / Downtown Miami restaurants and rent a nice car and drive down to Key West. Find some college babes to pick up for the weekend. Disney World...