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is the N word racist?
You're missing the point. What you should be asking is if the adult is black or white, not whether I know them.
is the N word racist?
I don't get why black people can use it but others can't, like if that's an insult, you shouldn't be able to tell either, or let everyone do it, otherwise that's discrimination
KZ is DEAD !
Don't know why people are hating, that's class if not hacked
futur star of csgo in your country
rofl onscreen had his time
Reason u started playing counter strike?
I used to watch my brothers play 1.3 then 1.5 and 1.6 and began playing when I was 8 or 9, because I didn't have the right to do it earlier for obvious reasons, and still don't know how I was allowed ...
They're bad and nV w/o kennyS > G2 so nV = better options for kennyS
hey nbk if u see this
People blaming NBK because they can't accept shox is the problem rofl
-NBK +ZywOo
NBK isn't the problem
REjoin the MM after getting banned
It happened to me once before, except I didn't know it until the end of the match, won the whole thing carrying my team, and saw the ban at the end...
Tier2 best teams
Good thing since it's the last one
I am white and proud of it
you're the one discriminating
left or right wing?
I guess you're against men masturbating and ejaculating on tissue as well
left or right wing?
Why do you think abortion should only be allowed in some cases, and which cases are these ?
left or right wing?
can you explain more about abortion?
This is not your score, you have to connect to fb to get it, actually you even have to pay after, rofl