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BIG vs Vitality
it s not beeing a fanboy i talk about 3 teams there and that i think there is no clear favorite.. none played solid, big fanboys think big play like a tier 1 team it seems, maybe they trained hard for...
BIG vs Vitality
i just shared my view, to me there is more firepower with vitlality but big play since long time toghther and are better tactically.. it could end like a 16/8 in either way to me, vitality game is bas...
BIG vs Vitality
indeed ,apex was maybe even teamless so not sure if he played / trained much, but if you check tabsen has lot of negative rating vs good teams , too me he is not clearly superior it will just depend ...
BIG vs Vitality
you dream tabsen stats are not even better than apex, it s on par and apex play like shit since months but he had a few good maps.. (and he is pure entry )nbk played really good cs at the challenger s...
BIG vs Vitality
i said one of the worst i didn t write all of them ,G2 are one of the worst team a swell but it s bo1 a big vs G2 both teams would have chance imo, there is no clear favorite on bo1 with all these tea...
BIG vs Vitality
you will see.. big is good cause of tactical game.. vitality is good cause of aim.. , individualy if apex nbk rpk and zywooo are on point it s easy vs a team like big .. they just have xantares. also ...
BIG vs Vitality
yes like xantares, but both are monsters
BIG vs Vitality
he boosted his stats vs tier 4... he is good but vs good teams he can struggle a lot
BIG vs Vitality
if vitality is on point , it will be easy for them.. cause they have way more firepower.. it will all depends if their aim is on point. could be a 16/8 score for vitality if they are in a good day, Bi...
BIG vs Vitality
xantares almost neve played tier 1 teams.. big is not even tier 1
auti rush zellsis were the 3 lowest rated players of the tournament and you compare to kio? without kio and flusha cloud 9 is nothing tthese 3 amercians players are way to unstable and make way too m...
Zywoo playstyle
he is good cause if you don t kill him in 2 bullets he will instant headshot you, when he plays good his corsshair placement is almost as effective as a aimbot
ZywOo haters right now
yes right now he is not playing at his level on this major, he play normal but no great map yet, he miss shot he never miss.. probably stress, no hard carry thats why vitality had lot of trouble vs al...
Lowest IQ player ever?
nbk as igl
what is scary is that alex and apex are after nbk for the lead role..and both are so retarded in their moves.. that explain why they play so bad