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any tier 2 team would be top5 with zywoo, just like vitality
Worst entry fraggers?
well said !
Worst entry fraggers?
best is zywoo probably, Opening kill ratio1.72, but some weeks he is best ialmost in all categories from entry to clutcher :D
NiKo the new goat???
tomorrow he will meet Zygod , i feel already sad for niko
Broky rich -____-
3 players wow what a rise almost llike Uk
nothing special if you watch zywoo plays he make 10 by match like this
Spirit vs Heretics
the problem is back
JW > ZyWoo
Jw was good till cockly got banned..then he unsintalled is cheats and as become a big shit, kennys always been better than Jw though and wihtout cheats
Who is ZywOo?
best thing with zywoo is too look from opponent view the disgusting headhsots they eat... he totally destroy them , like aim bot , they have zero chance.. can t even see him yet or just one pixel and...
Who is ZywOo?
he was forced to awp for vitality..but he is the best rifler ever
Zywoo contract
not sure he instressed to join a better team.. he could have joined a top team since 2 years or more aready.. look like he just want to have fun..enjoying cs, get some cash ..
Vitality vs North
Alex igl
Vitality ScreaM
Rpk won t get kicked ..he play shitty position and role and he still does better than apex regulary
It s not cause of Alex totally ..it s first french team with hard work ..thanks to their coach and their org ..their coach also know cs way better. Also there IS zywoo , any tier 2 team could be in t...
zywhoo f~king mvp
+1 most braindead player