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Is Vitality new North?
north never been great, vitality with upside down but still top 3 for 2 years in a row , they could come back win 2 or 3 tournment and end as one of the top team of the year just like what happened t...
Cadian might be cheating
3 is really strange , with this mouvment no way he can frag any of the players, it look like a bug , is it possible a cheat react like that? cause it s total non sense to make these mouvement as a pl...
zywoo stop CS
vacation till 2024 with ez money every month, with 40k every month there is better things to do than playing cs online
Vitality future
apex skill is too low ,you can t have that many bots in one team, it s like s1mple playing with 4 flamie or even worst players
Vitality future
nivera 0.9 rating past 3 month i think... it was metionned with the news on his kick.. he played good one tournament, clearly many of these tier 2 or 3 players are not ready to compete at the top .. a...
as long as he can steal money why not?
Vitality vs 9z
9z would have beaten many of the top 15 teams plyaing like that.. the ranking mean nothings for this team , it show that some lower ranked teams could perform vs top team online if they could face the...
Navi, Vitality, Astralis
online cs is hard for players who have played lan and won big lan tournaments , they have zero motivation online... players who have only played online are motivated 200% in this covid era, if you lo...
Vitality vs 9z
apex is such a bot , 0 iq , 0 aim skill
pros that got popular for any reason other than being good at cs
kqly, cuckly , for his Hs in the air, nbk for his position on cache funny thing is that he was maybe not cheating while doing that haha
s1mple has the best highlights?
offcourse, with zywoo they have the most hilights
why vitality signed Kyojin?
nivera play more or less same role as shox and his stats are lower than shox at tier 1 level so there was no question about nivera, shox also second igl wiht lot more experience, nivera 0.9 rating wi...
no rpk no party
i m not sure but i think rpk got a kid and his level droped since then, rpk level is too low right now , im mean he play at 75% of his potential or even less
ZywOo, Cold and Get_Right
in 1 year zywoo made more hilights than coldzera in his whole career, mor aces , more clutch more everyhting