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He's from France. He used to play for some top french teams in 1.6 (i.e. aAa) before moving to Canada.
semphis might be the best analyst I've heard yet.
Your height and weight
177cm 70kg
Pros who started after csgo
Ya, Skadoodle would be the only top player I can think of. There are some that are starting to trickle into the upper echelons of competitive CS, but I wouldn't call them pro yet. You had the entire h...
WC Hockey U-20
I haven't been that impressed by the European sides so far in the tournament (and pre-tournament). Canada and US look the best this year, with Canada having a slight edge. They have a lot of high end ...
top 5 cities (srs)
Besides having more money and being bigger, there is nothing better about Dallas. Food is worse, night life is worse, scenery is worse, music is worse, people are worse. They killed a president even.....
top 5 cities (srs)
How can you like Dallas better? Dallas has no soul...
top 5 cities (srs)
NYC Miami Monaco Austin Buenos Aires
top 5 cities (srs)
I just went to Miami two weeks and had an incredible time. Why didn't you like it? The only thing that sucks is how expensive it is, especially on Miami Beach.
In whole wide word? Not.
KennyS best player?
Best awper for sure.
VirtusThrow throwing for skins again
How is 13 = 2? Pretty sure that's what we call a proof by contradiction in mathematics.
Fetish gets kicked from Dignitas
I haven't been a big fan of karrigan since his switch to GO. Wonder if he's still going to ESEA LAN with mouz?
"I have never cheated and i will NEVER cheat."
Glad you took that entire post as fact.
"I have never cheated and i will NEVER cheat."
+1, great analogy.