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I’m honestly done with life
Don't take the easy way out, you are here for a reason, follow your heart and no matter what do the things you love. You are a priviledged man that can make change in the world happen you have the reb...
In-ears Vs On-Ears
on, don't fuc3 ur ears greetings from Colomboa not Columbia <3
Xizt is showing off
+111111111 greetings from Colomboa not Columbia <3
[18+] r8 pussy
chrisj & STYKO need to step it up, simple math. <3 from Colombia, not Columbia
If SK lose to Faze
gotta keep trying. You can't expect a team to win right off the bat with a roster change that affected it's teamplay on 2 deep levels: A) cold IGL B) english as main language NOW: If they don't start...
New nordic team
not gonna happen <3 from Colombia, not Columbia
FaZe will beat SK in Bo3
SK all day long, 2-1. Both teams have new players but SK has the grind. <3 from Colombia, not Columbia
most hated country in hltv
stop the h8, let's all hold hands <3 from Colombia, not Columbia
Why u jealous of shroud? Because he earned more money last week than your parents earned last year combined?
4 churches bombed today in Indonesia
mouz superteam
this post makes no sense
FaZe too artificial? SK is the GOAT of CSGO, no matter what
u guys have csgo in ur DNA, if you measure it by amout of cs:go players over total population I bet sweden wins
FaZe too artificial? SK is the GOAT of CSGO, no matter what
Try winning a major coming from a country that had no past consistent success. Even in 1.6 sweden already owned the scene, remember SK's roster was full of swedes.