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Biography admins were bullied in their teen years = don't be angry about their behaviour, it's just a brain damage that is impossible to recover.
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lmao, can't compare to Kinga <3 photo with TaZinho
Renegades vs
So how many more tournaments for management to release this team? :) Will they have enough patience to keep them until 2019? vs AVANGAR
VP just please... have some dignity and stop this clownfiesta. Retire, disband, I don't know. It doesn't look even a tiny bit better than with TaZ. Losing a tier 3-4 tournament
Liquid vs Astralis
oh mate, what the hell, it's like they're asking people not to watch the final game. Feels like watching cs 1.6 with less than 20k people watching + the chat as you say
Liquid vs Astralis
let me get this straight.. final is covered on FUC***(g) FACEBOOK STREAM? or I just can't find english stream on twitch or even god damn youtube
Envy vs AGO
as you said, ez
Yes, especially when they see your flag :) And number one "argument" is always about immigrants or nazis
Polish people on the internet are animals, thats the fact :D Whenever I played an online multiplayer game i prefered a mixed european community. Mentality of this nation is still in post war 50's But...
Dosia is so delicate and cute, he like a flower
alcohol and gym
w0t? 5 beers a day? That would definitely cause alcohol addiction, your physical and mental health would take a huge hit. Not even in a long run, after a month you would feel like trash
alcohol and gym
Well... i didn't think it requires to be explained LUL But the fact is that there are different qualities of alcohol, or rather how it's obtained, processed. You won't tell me that home-made beer or o...
alcohol and gym
It's not really a true statement. One beer a day won't do any harm TO MOST PEOPLE as long as you have no problems with liver(can easily process this amount of alcohol/day) and you eat properly, drink ...
alcohol and gym
He said about one beer/day and you're talking about GETTING ABSOLUTELY SCREWED haha One bear for a grown-up man is pretty much NOTHING. The problem for many is that usually it doesn't end up on one ...
poland terror attack now
They prostest for abortion, so that women has a right to decide if she wants a child or not if it's terminally ill or there is a big chance to miscarry. But it's basically a huge circlejerk where op...
poland terror attack now
For some it is, for some it isn't... This stupid country depends on church way too much