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Biography admins were bullied in their teen years = don't be angry about their behaviour, it's just a brain damage that is impossible to recover.
Forum posts vs Aristocracy
That he doesn't want to play with Taz/Neo? No, it definitely wasn't a joke. It is well known they don't like each other and Snax was the one who insisted on kicking taz from the team He's just open ... vs Aristocracy
"A player with whom you would never want to play in the team?" Snax: -neo -taz lol, love interviews with this guy, just telling how he feels about anything and anyone I wonder if they'll shake hand...
you're a drunk midget, 5'1 is 155cm only polish hope?
hope to be a top20 team... but i'd like to see them prove me wrong
R8 her pls
wtf dude, she's 12 vs Nemiga
I mean after all Nemiga is #54 and VP is #59 in hltv's ranking... what VP owner thinks when he's sending money to those clowns - charleroi LAN, out in group stage and finally it's gonna be over :D
FaZe vs
Yep, after one big defeat during an important event they may crumble, we'll see. Thats the problem of this team - 2 of their most experienced players are mental kids lol(ok... Snax 1/2 of a kid). Ag...
FaZe vs
I mean - ????? How did you get to this conclusion, can't see where i wrote anything that suggests such thought process :D But i can definitely say THEY CAN BE. They only worked a few maps dur...
FaZe vs
lul more like the opposite, young roster that still has some room for mistakes vs experienced roster that disappoints for quite a while now and need to show some results if they wanna keep playing to...