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the big bang theory
I haven't seen either friends, HMYM, BBT or Modern Family. With which one should I start?
CR7 Not the best
yeah dunno, Messi also carried vs Real and Atletico numerous times. In CL he seems to choke in crucial matches, just like in the national team.
CR7 Not the best
with a physique of a 25 year old. Insanely hardworking guy.
CR7 Not the best
CR7 GOAT in CL Messi GOAT in La Liga This is coming from a Messi fan.
Shroud 100k subs
Shroud 100k subs
I'm not a doctor + I had plenty of girls in my life, nice try though. Why so salty though?
Shroud 100k subs
Didn't blame him, it's just how this fucked up world works :).
Shroud 100k subs
no, but they should be acknowledged and rewarded more than a guy who plays video games all day.
Shroud 100k subs
what he deserves? are you for real? most of the doctors don't earn that kind of money, and they're saving lives. what does he do?
Are u a loner?
Just go to Amsterdam, buy a shit ton of shrooms and eat them at once. Psych shrooms consumed in a great quantity rebuild your neural pathways and who knows, with a bit of luck you will get rid of the ...
Romanian girls easy to get
Romanian people in general have low self confidence when comparing themselves to other countries. So yeah, romanian girls are the easiest for foreigners.
New GoT Trailer
autism is a hell of a disease
Kio emptying inventory after KQLY ban
People don't care cause there won't be any changes until solid proof.
R8 my girl
good for you brother
New GoT Trailer
Sopranos, The Wire, Brothers in Arms just to name a few