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Coldzera is the CS GO NEO
When comparing 1.6 grenades to CS:GO, please remember that flashes could do something other than make the player turn 45 degrees to the side for 0.2 seconds and HEs were useful. Now you could say that...
FNX and FalleN
Major is a word, there were tournaments considered major tournaments before valve stepped in.
braindead reddit retards
Choke is always a possibility, haven't you seen Astralis playing?
0.999.. = 1
0.9999... = lim n -> infinity of the sum 0 < i <= n of 9*10^-i = 1 there you go
Are you from the future?
It's possible for some sensors to do that.
cogu or fallen
It's the truth.
cogu or fallen
He wasn't noscoping, if you quickscope fast enough the zoom won't show unless you have stupid high fps.
If everyone has 5 ping, it's good enough. You can still die to someone while on cover if they have high ping tho.
Non native English speakers
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dEKQL0I4LU this is the best accent
Why are Brazil fans so annoying in twitch chat
Sure, but that's not most of what you see. I am a user since the justin.tv days too and I can say with confidence: any big chat without slow mode/mods controlling the chat turns to shit.
Why are Brazil fans so annoying in twitch chat
I'm pretty sure that flag is from Latvia.
Why are Brazil fans so annoying in twitch chat
No, what are you expecting from twitch chat?
SK Ghosting
binoculars? rofl
ceh9 about FalleN
because you are a newfag