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Still the most sold PC game of all time with over 20 million copies
Flusha getting boo'ed :(
at least my eyes are open to reality ^^
Flusha getting boo'ed :(
sure I don't like fnatic but saying they're not down to earth just cuz you've been watching POV when all that they're saying there is phsycological they can't be like ye I know he'll wreck me and I su...
Ice Hockey IIHF 2015
I don't agree but I do agree we don't have our best team ofc but that will never happen to a world cup as long as NHL refuses to take a break during WC but everyone can surprise and just as finland di...
carn about the fnatic boost
well not completely invincible but from most spots he was idd invincible and this was the same for LDLC from their boost they weren't completleyh invincible but from certain areas of the map they coul...
If Olofm joined NiP in 2014
not saying dennis was better I think personally olof was better but didn't dennis leave LGB cuz he got a job and hence why they started disbanding
NiP how?
THIS ^ actaully someone with a brain and understands that mentality has A LOT to do with the game in general, if you're in their comms as soon as they do something doesn't have to be good everyone say...
Your GameNameGenerator name?
UltraWalnut Little did I know
Cologne, POV streams?
They said they'd have it don't know if it applies to groupstage but they should have it active
Sweden only good in E-SPORTS?
mate just ignore him look at his name it explains everything since he truly is arrogant
i5 fps
Intel Core i5 4670K 4th gen and GTX 660 I get around 300 fps most of the time sometimes it drops to about 260-270 I've capped it at 300 though so I don't see if it bounces above
Cya Canada
after almost not making it out of groupstage ^^
Cya Canada
All about team chemistry ^^ and ofc some individual play
Swedes, please that referense :P
Swedes, please
think you're a bit exaggerating tbh ^^ but then again I'm used to the cold so ye