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Titan vs NiP
n0thing caster
n0thing is a quality caster.
Video: fnatic winning moment vs. NiP
Pretty disturbing stuff by fnatic, and the retarded HLTV kids supporting their sad behaviour, tbh. Not classy at all. Shame on you, kiddos. Anywhooo... NiP will destroy them next time.
Why everyone hate Russians?
What's it to you what other men do in their bedroom? Who's gay again? :)
Why everyone hate Russians?
Because of the homophobia.
Edward completes new CIS superteam
Wow. Strong line up. But to all you kids out there writing; "GG NiP, RIP NiP" etc. Really? Dèjá vu? GLHF though!
Bulgaria first to announce EC roster
Born and raised in Sweden.
Lemondogs win 2on2 tourney over NiP
Well played LD. Sad stuff DDosers. F-ing anoying.
NiP vs
Good game. Impressive play by VP beeing a mix and all, even though Guardian probably is a better player individually than the five ... especially Kucher. NiP looking stronger again. To you guys wh...
NiP vs
Wow, NiP-TV Anders: Can you BE any more biased against NiP? Getting kinda silly. "If VP had won this and that round", "If NiP had lost the knife", "If bla bla bla". C'mon. Impressive stuff fr...
NiP vs
Good job trying to swing momentum, ddosing f-ers.
NiP vs
Guardian looking very scary indeed. But this is NiP's game imo. They seem to be back on form. Should be a really good one to watch though. NiP 2:1 VP
lol fifflaren hahahahaha
And why is that? Plenty of gay vikings back in the days.
NiP vs Curse
Good whine.
Translation: The guy in da beard has a little kittycat. One day the kittycat runs away. The guy in da beard can't find him (yeah, it's a him) so he gathers his crew and starts jammin' (jaming in sw...