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n0thing caster
n0thing is a quality caster.
Why everyone hate Russians?
What's it to you what other men do in their bedroom? Who's gay again? :)
Why everyone hate Russians?
Because of the homophobia.
lol fifflaren hahahahaha
And why is that? Plenty of gay vikings back in the days.
Translation: The guy in da beard has a little kittycat. One day the kittycat runs away. The guy in da beard can't find him (yeah, it's a him) so he gathers his crew and starts jammin' (jaming in sw...
ReDeYe, Pansy: Give the casters some love
Yes, they are legendary, and a very entertaining duo indeed. cArn however, has a lot more knowledge than Joe and insight into what's really going on strat-wise for example. I thought they worked excel...
ReDeYe, Pansy: Give the casters some love
ReDeYe and cArn was a pretty awesome combo tbh. My favourite so far.
Boston Marathon
Depends on what you read and in the end to whom you decide listening to. You have chosen the wrong path, but hey - it's a free world.
GeT_RiGhT vs Anexis
But your spelling is. Really spacial.
Who will firstly beat NiP?
No one. They will never lose in cs:go. Ever. Heard it here first. Bazinga. Not in awhile though. Maybe 2014 ... March.
Top 20 Goals of 2012 [FOOTBALL/SOCCER]
Nicely done, dude. Good stuff!
Swedish Music
Who's the mad one? "Sweden is one of the worlds most successful exporter of popular music"
Swedish Music
This is awesome. Are you really this retarded? Like ... ALL of you? :D
GG Russia. Numbnuts.